Is Evangelicalism Standing the Test of Time? "The Fundamentals" at 100

Whether they remain so salient among evangelicals today, or whether doctrinal rigor has been replaced with therapeutic pabulum, is a discussion for another column. But most evangelicals today would be heartened by the theological certainties of The Fundamentals. Thomas Spurgeon, son of the great London Baptist preacher Charles Spurgeon, wrote of one of these essentials in his essay "Salvation by Grace." He reminded readers that "the mighty call of Grace that results in our awakening is but the beginning of good things. Grace keeps us to the end. It will not let us go. It is the morning and the evening star of the Christian experience." Much has changed in one hundred years, but in the grace of Christ we have a sturdy conviction on which to base the historic continuity of evangelical faith.

12/29/2010 5:00:00 AM