In Case You Missed It: Top Articles of 2010

The Tea Party Suite: The evolution and influence of the Tea Party movement was one of the most peculiar and fascinating stories of the year. Our series examining the Tea Party, its motivations and its history was widely discussed in political blogs and forums.

  1. Is the Tea Party a ‘Social Justice' Movement?
  2. Is the Tea Party a Christian Movement?
  3. Is the Tea Party Racist?
  4. The Tea Started Brewing Under Bush

Woman in the News: Sarah Palin remains a subject of fascination, admiration, and concern among evangelicals of different stripes. While many other articles referenced the enigmatic Palin, an outspoken evangelical, the following essays were devoted specifically to Palin and the other conservative Christian women she championed in the 2010 midterm election.

  1. David French, Defending Sarah Palin
  2. Thomas S. Kidd, The Rise of Conservative Christian Women           
  3. Timothy Dalrymple, Palin Enragement Syndrome

Restoring Honor, Patriotism, and National Idolatry: Some evangelicals were heartened by the "Restoring Honor" rally organized by Glenn Beck, yet others were disturbed. At the Evangelical Portal, it launched a conversation on the virtue of patriotism and the danger of idolatry. 

  1. David Sessions, One Nation Under God, By Force
  2. David Limbaugh, Patriotism is Not Idolatry
  3. Peter Wehner, Faithful Politics in the City of Man
  4. Jonathan Fitzgerald, The Right Mix of Politics and Religion
  5. Tim King, Idolatry Comes Quietly
  6. John Fea, Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?-Defining Terms

Cross Examinations: The Cross Examinations series invited pastors, professors and writers to reflect together on areas of common concern. These provided a single forum where Christians of all stripes could flesh out their differences and seek a way forward together. Some of the best were:

  1. Evangelicals and Immigration Reform
  2. Is Social Justice at the Heart of the Gospel?
  3. Evangelicalism and Homosexuality
  4. Evangelical Theological Renewal

Pastoral Training: Once Patheos launched its Preachers Portal late in the year, it produced some excellent reflections on the arts of pastoring and preaching.

  1. David Murray, A Plea for Profound Simplicity
  2. Mark D. Roberts, Can Thanksgiving Transform Your Ministry?
  3. C. Michael Patton, Cracked
  4. Steven W. Smith, The Secret to Great Preaching
12/31/2010 5:00:00 AM
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