Irony and the Yoga Wars

This whole debate over who owns yoga is reminiscent of President Obama's now-famous "race speech" delivered during his election campaign in March 2008 when people were shocked by the angry sermons of his pastor Reverend Jeremy Wright. Here is how Obama appealed to understanding:

The anger is real; it is powerful; and to simply wish it away, to condemn it without understanding its roots, only serves to widen the chasm of misunderstanding that exists between the races.

I could not agree more!

Finally, the biggest irony is that the word 'yoga', which is meant to unite, is creating new walls of fear and mistrust. How about everybody sits down in one of the easiest yogic asana 'Sukhasana' (the relaxed posture) and do some 'Pranayama' (deep breathing) and 'Dhyana' (meditation) together!

12/14/2010 5:00:00 AM
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