God Bless the Child

God is outside of Time. In reality, we all are; Time is such a constructed illusion. I am going to pray for the child Obama, that he can manage to comprehend the love of God, that he learns and internalizes the message that "it is good" that he exists. The child is the father of the man.

I know we don't get do-overs. But I also know that God is Eternal, and we are all loved into being. And I believe in miracles. And I think it is not a healthy thing for people given enormous power to contain within them a need to make manifest in the world the screaming notion that they are "good."

This is worth pondering in our prayer for anyone. We are all the sum of our years. To pray for the man or the woman may perhaps mean praying for the child, as well. Our broken hearts heal imperfectly—too often with a scar that prevents the admission of light, or of love. And where love and light cannot permeate, there are not enough consoling arms or rocking chairs in the world.

1/28/2011 5:00:00 AM
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