After Shock: An Interview with Author Kent Annan

Did the earthquake change how you thought about God, faith and suffering?

It's a tough question. In some ways, no. We know it's a brutal world. We know tsunamis and wars and cancer crash down on people all the time. But the scale of the earthquake in Haiti and the way I'm personally connected forced me, in a really personal way, to face some of this in a deeper, more direct way than I had before. The resentment, anger and frustrations with God were now on the surface, not hidden just below. The distance of God-there is so much uncertainty; how can we know what is true?-seemed more distant than ever. And yet, and yet, there were some amazing moments, especially with Haitian friends, or taking Communion with people next to the rubble of a church that had collapsed a few weeks before, when there were glimmers of hope, of something true, of God's love that is present even in such incredible suffering.


Read a longer interview with Kent Annan about Haiti partners and the impact the earthquake has had on his work, here.

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For more resources and reflections on After Shock, including an online discussion on the topic of doubt and hope in the midst of suffering, visit the Patheos Book Club here.

1/1/2011 5:00:00 AM
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