From Apologetics to Fighting Human Trafficking: The Friday Five with Dillon Burroughs

As a writer, I like to share what I see in print, but there are simply no words to describe what it's like to walk where over 100,000 people are buried in a mass grave or to carry a young girl who is missing her leg. Tragedy was the norm, not the exception. However, I was also involved with several Christian organizations on the frontlines, people who were saving countless lives through medical care, water, food, and housing, all because of their love for Jesus. This, from my perspective, is the church at its best -- showing love to those in need and letting your actions be the way that opens doors for communicating your faith. In fact, the church I visited while there had over a hundred new people two weeks after the quake, with many new people choosing to follow Christ. Even in the worst of situations, God is still at work.

5) You're very passionate about the cause of human trafficking. Are Christians in America getting engaged in making a difference? Or are most of us still fairly unaware of this human tragedy?

My past trips to Haiti have opened my eyes to modern slavery and human trafficking. There, you can buy a person for as little as fifty American dollars.  In my research, I quickly discovered the same problem was taking place in my own community and felt compelled to act. I've started to share what I'm learning and am now in the process of helping develop an aftercare center for former sex trafficking victims in the U.S. I'm not sure where this will ultimately lead, but when you discover there are more slaves now than any other time in human history, including in many of America's major cities, it's time to act. My goal is that five years from now, the leaders fighting trafficking in the U.S. will be people who love Jesus and live it out by standing against modern slavery in all its forms.

2/4/2011 5:00:00 AM
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