Wisconsin Is the New France: Entitlement Derangement Syndrome

Here's a sobering thought: Entitlement Derangement Syndrome is in its infancy. Wisconsin is paralyzed because of one reform impacting a small minority of its citizens. What happens when the axe falls—as, sooner or later, it must—on Social Security? On Medicare? If the unions can mobilize tens of thousands in Madison, can the entitlement culture muster millions in Washington?

I have a novel suggestion for Wisconsin's teachers: If the governor's reforms are so bad, if they burden you so much, quit your job and go find different employment. That's the kind of decision we face in the private sector. If enough of you quit, so that Wisconsin can't recruit enough teachers, you know what would happen? Wisconsin would raise teacher pay and benefits to compete. That's called the market, and it's a force the rest of us live with every day.

2/18/2011 5:00:00 AM
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    David French is a lawyer, writer, soldier, and veteran of the Iraq war. He is Senior Counsel at the American Center for Law and Justice. Follow him on Facebook.
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