Shouting Stones: A Lenten Series

"If these were silent, the stones would cry out!" proclaims Jesus to the Pharisees as they demand his disciples cease their "Hosannas!" ~ Luke 19:37-40

Image: Tim MooneySadly, as we'll see, the disciples do fall silent as Holy Week progresses. But there are others—non-disciples, everyday folk—who stand by Jesus in sometimes small but crucial ways and become the shouting stones of Lent.

Over the next several weeks, Patheos preachers will offer meditations on these "shouting stones" of the Gospels. From blind Bartimaeus to the women at the Crucifixion, the acts of these courageous followers can inspire us on our present day Lenten journeys, as we, too, seek to stand by our Savior every step of the way.

Over the next six weeks leading up to Easter, we'll present the following reflections at Patheos:

  1. Bruce Epperly on blind Bartimaeus (Mk. 10:51-52)
  2. Elizabeth Nordquist and Stephen Rankin on the woman who anoints Jesus for burial (Mk. 14:3-9)
  3. Carl Gregg on the servant girl who questions Peter (Mk. 14:66-70)
  4. Sam Alexander on Pilate's wife (Mt. 27:15-26)
  5. Monica Coleman on the women disciples at the crucifixion (Mk. 15:40-41)
  6. Lisa Hess on the centurion who confesses faith in Jesus (Mk. 15:39)
  7. Gavin Richardson on Joseph of Arimathea (Mk. 15:43; Mt. 27:57; Lk. 23:50; Jn. 19:38)
  8. Alyce McKenzie and Peter Wallace on Nicodemus (Jn. 19:39)

Each reflection will focus on how the faithfulness of these non-disciples can inspire our discipleship as we walk with Jesus during this Lenten journey.

3/8/2011 5:00:00 AM
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