Shouting Stones: The Questioning Servant Girl

I later learned that Peter became the first bishop of Rome, and was eventually martyred for his faithfulness. I'm told that I played a part in Peter's conversion from an arrogant young man into a more mature faith leader—all because I, a young female slave, whose name is not even remembered, found my voice and spoke up about what I knew to be true.

I might have acted otherwise, but—as I think back—I was inspired to speak not only because of my frustration with Peter's denial, but also because I had so recently witnessed Jesus courageously stand up to my boss' questions with his bold, unrepentant answer, "I am." For the rest of my life, whenever I met those who claimed to be followers of the wrongly-executed Rabbi Jesus, I always paid attention to whether they were more like Jesus, whom I witnessed boldly standing up for what he knew to be true about himself, or whether they were more like Peter on the night I met him, who repeatedly denied what he knew to be true.


This Lenten season, how is God speaking to you through the story of the Servant Girl? Take a moment to imagine yourself as this young woman. What do you notice in addition to the details from the narrative above? Reflect on your life through her eyes. Who is your Caiaphas (someone with power over you)? Who is your Peter (someone who denies what you know to be true)? Who are your bystanders (who amplify your voice and stand in solidarity with you)? Who is your Jesus (someone who inspires you with his or her willingness to speak truth to power)? How are you feeling called this Lent to speak the truth in love?


3/11/2011 5:00:00 AM
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