Lesson Twelve: Spies and Relativists

Should a truly great and talented artist come along, draw him into our system. The art professors (who are usually failed artists themselves) will soon gobble him up for supper. Out of jealousy and a loyalty to our regime, they will destroy his vision, his talent, and any sort of career he might have had. With any luck he will end up teaching art to seventh graders in a middle school in Nebraska.

Relativism is the trick, dear worms. Through this you can destroy the brutes and bring them down. Where art might have opened up the hairless apes' eyes to the disgusting world of the enemy, the arts will, instead, introduce them to the awesome chaos and cacophony of our Father's realm below.

Politics and practicality, next session. Glimwort, be a good fellow and collect up those essays will you? And when you're done trot down to the bog and get me another mug of lava.

4/3/2011 4:00:00 AM
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