The Way Evil Speaks

Law & Order is not unique; I don't mean to single the franchise out, nor do I think the writers for television dramas consciously intend to do "evil." They are just creative people, working in a society whose tone has become so hospitable to this line of argument that it seems normal to us. We have almost lost the spiritual discernment to question its systematically negative, discouraging premises.

It is good now and then to be reminded that this is a signature method of evil. When we are being challenged in this way, we can know that regardless of who is speaking, evil is our interlocutor—and that we owe it nothing. God doesn't speak to us this way. He doesn't circle around an issue trying to undermine our thoughts with subtle or inverted implications. He makes positive, categorical assertions; He offers us hope, improvement, and optimism; and no matter how wrong we may be about something, He never ceases to assure us that He will not let us fall, if we will put our trust in Him.

When that is not how we are being addressed—constructively, with clear precepts and assurances—we can know that we are not hearing from God. Perhaps every generation has to learn that anew. Ours may be on borrowed time in terms of persisting in ignorance of it. We need to learn how to recognize the insidious methods of evil, and distinguish them clearly from the fresh, cleansing wind of communication from God.

5/22/2011 4:00:00 AM