From Evangelical to Progressive

And yet, language—vague, translatable, mistakable language—is precisely how he reveals himself to us. From the outset—and the Book of Acts is evidence of this—we were bound to disagree, to debate, and, ultimately, to part ways. Denominations and divisions needn't be a mark of failure, but in our ability to agree peaceably they can be our greatest witness.

This is my hope for the new Progressive Christian portal, and for Patheos as a whole. Here we are, an assembled group of theologians, scholars, teachers, and lowly writers, working it out together. And, just a few clicks away on the site's navigation bar we can visit and interact with our Pagan, Muslim, Jewish, Catholic, and, yes, Evangelical brothers and sisters. That's just on this little corner of the Internet.

My spiritual journey is cached on a number of servers around the web and, I'm guessing, yours is too. This, I think, is the digital embodiment of the body of Christ.

6/21/2011 4:00:00 AM
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