Dear Ellie, You're a Pagan!

But yes, you are lucky. Too many little girls grow up being told that girls can only be sinners or servants. They are told the world is screwed up because the first screw-up came from a woman, and that somehow it remains their fault. Too many of them are told that they'll never be as good as boys, that they'll never be as strong, or as charismatic, or as smart. Too many little girls are told that there's something wrong with them from the moment they are born, that because they are girls, they are always going to be inferior.

But not you. You'll grow up knowing that you, yourself, are a sacred being, that there's nothing wrong and everything right with being a girl. You'll grow up knowing that the world can be pretty great place, and that you can make it even better. You'll grow up knowing that it's okay to love yourself, and to love the world around you too. A lot of people never get to know that, and most of those who do have to go through a lot of pain to get there. But you'll get it from the start.

You fill me with such emotions, little Ellie: delight in your exquisite tininess, and wonder at what you'll become, and worry over whether or not I would ever be a good father. Mostly you fill me with hope. You and I, even though our birthdays are twenty-five years apart, both belong to the same generation.

Welcome to the world, little Ellie. You're going to have a wonderful life.

9/19/2011 4:00:00 AM