Turning the Wheel

My personal religious tendencies partially led to this model, but I think the model has also colored those tendencies: it's very hard for me to understand the inclination toward a hard line approach to any religious stance after seeing how well these rituals have worked. Sarah and I have done a Celtic Lughnasadh, a Roman Harvest Home, a Norse Yule, a Greek Midsummer, and, as I started this column with, an Egyptian Candlemas. Each one of those rituals was an education for me: a lesson in the meaning of the sabbat, an exploration of a mythology, and a chance to connect with the rich history of the pagan past.

We have only three to go now: Ostara, and then the two great festivals of Beltaine and Samhain. Then we will have made our way through the Wheel of Year, a project nearly a decade in the making.

And then . . . Well, then I guess we'll have to find a new project. It's a thing you have to have.

9/4/2011 4:00:00 AM