Love Notes: A Catechesis for Marriage on the Brink

It's good for me to review these writings again. It's been a few years since I first discovered them. Sharing them with you reminds me that loving my husband "as if" he were loving me back in the way that I wanted created an atmosphere of safety, in which we both learned to trust. But it took time. And, being me, I've had to relearn these same lessons many times. So I hope you won't be discouraged if you have to relearn them, too.

And please understand that I am not suggesting anyone can sweep serious problems under the rug and live in peace. But we can pick our opportunities, after prayerful preparation, to address these concerns in private, with an eye to calm and kindness. If needed, we might even seek the help of a Catholic professional someone in communion with the teaching authority of the Church, or take a weekend to learn love-saving communication skills through a program such as Marriage Encounter.

In fact, with a hope inspired by the Resurrection itself, clearing the emotional decks gives the immensity of God's love and mercy room to heal, inspire, and strengthen our broken hearts to try again to live in imitation of Christ. Easy? Nope. Awesome? You bet.

In closing, I'd like to share that one of the inspirations for this column was a moving and intimate documentary on Blessed John Paul II, whose life expressed a radical Christian love that is applicable to every aspect of our lives. I had the honor of reviewing this program at my website, Stop by and enter to win a copy of the entire ten-part series.

Next week I'll share some thoughts on married sex and holy purity in a piece entitled, "Sexy is Holy"

God bless you!

10/25/2011 4:00:00 AM
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