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The Blessings and Bling
How Faith and Fashion Helped Me Survive Breast Cancer
By Dr. Sheron C. Patterson

Sometimes our greatest blessings come from the most unexpected places. If you're facing a difficult life situation—including a cancer diagnosis—you may be searching for a way to get through the day. Blessings and Bling gives an upbeat take on a serious matter and shares real-world tips for helping you cope. Author Sheron Patterson uses her story to help others facing some of life's toughest challenges.

In the book you will:

  1. Find inspiration
  2. Get practical tips for dealing with life-changing diagnosis
  3. Learn to live in the movement
  4. Find purpose in your pain
  5. Realize that God has not abandoned you

When Sheron Patterson put off a shopping trip to drop by a medical center for her annual breast exam, she thought she'd be in and out and back to her shopping. But when the results came back positive for cancer, she was stunned.

That diagnosis eventually produced a life's work focused on helping others face challenges. Bling - fashion—helped Patterson face her cancer head-on. From the depths of despair surrounding her diagnosis to a heart filled with a gratitude as she looks back on her journey, she tells the story of Blessings and Bling to help you see hope.

About the author

Sheron C. PattersonSheron C. Patterson is a grateful breast cancer survivor who believes in helping others survive on a national and an international basis. In 2006, Dr. Patterson was diagnosed with breast cancer. She turned what could have been a tragedy into a triumph by creating numerous wellness and breast cancer awareness programs that touched thousands. As a result, The Patterson Pledge, Mammograms for the Masses and Breast Cancer Builds were created.

Whether she hosted international delegations of breast cancer survivors, or encouraged women who live in homeless shelters, Dr. Patterson has a message that lifts persons from all walks of life.

Dr. Sheron C. Patterson is an author of eight books that empower and encourage. She has amassed an impressive 20 years as a radio and television host and has been featured in Ebony, Jet and Essence magazines and on CNN and BET television. She is an ordained United Methodist pastor with twenty years as senior pastor.

Her most recent book is, The Blessings and Bling: How Faith and Fashion helped me survive breast cancer.

Currently Dr. Patterson is the Communications Officer for the North Texas region of the United Methodist Church. She holds degrees from Spelman College and Southern Methodist University's Perkins School of Theology. A native of Charlotte, NC. She is married and the mother of two sons.

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