About Left, Right and Christ


If this isn't a conversation starter for Christians, then nothing else will be.
Marvin Olasky
, Editor in Chief of World

Lisa Sharon Harper and D.C. Innes...engage in a far ranging dialogue about many issues of public policy... You will find the discussion quite stimulating—which is clearly the purpose of the book.
Jim Wallis
, President and CEO of Sojourners, 
New York Times bestselling author of God's Politics

Is Christianity conservative? Liberal? Or neither? Left, Right & Christ is a timely, informative, and occasionally combative discussion of those questions. Read it.
Dinesh D'Souza
, President of The King's College
, New York Times bestselling author of 
What's So Great About Christianity

You might take serious issue with Lisa Sharon Harper's political ideas. You might be frustrated with D.C. Innes' take on American exceptionalism. That's beside the point. What's impressive and important is that in Left, Right, & Christ these two Christians share the platform, and engage in civil dialogue with each other and their readers, in a manner too seldom seen in our public life. Let's hope this book and all it represents are signs of a new era in which Christian faith is not confined to one end of the political spectrum, and in which the application of faith to issues does not start arguments so much as provoke thoughtful, idealistic discussion.
Tom Krattenmaker, contributing religion-in-public-life columnist for USA TODAY and author of Onward Christian Athletes

D.C. Innes and Lisa Sharon Harper are to be commended for their efforts in Left, Right, and Christ. Harper (Left) and Innes (Right) discuss health care, abortion, same sex marriage, immigration, war and peace and the environment from their differing perspectives. Many readers will find as I did that they are often somewhere in between the two authors on many of these issues. However all readers will be informed and challenged by Left, Right & Christ."
Richard Land, 
President The Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention

We live in an age of partisanship and incivility where simple issues have become battlefields for fierce division. In such a moment, American Christians on the left and right must relearn the art of graceful and winsome dialogue. In Left, Right and Christ, Lisa Sharon Harper and D.C. Innes attempt to build bridges of understanding across the divides on our sharpest disagreements. Read this book, and decide for yourself!
Jonathan Merritt, Author of A Faith of Our Own: Following Jesus Beyond the Culture Wars

The vexed question of faith and politics continues to arouse strong feelings among Christians. In this context, it is a pleasure to see the publication of Left, Right & Christ by Lisa Sharon Harper and D.C. Innes. A dialogue, a polemic, and a provocative engagement over the issues by two sharp, thoughtful and informed minds from either side of the political spectrum, this book is both entertaining and timely. No one can possibly agree with all that is said here (!), but all should be challenged, provoked and informed by seeing the interchange of ideas it contains. I am grateful to both authors for making me sit up and listen.
Carl Trueman, Professor of Historical Theology and Church History, Westminster Theological Seminary, Author of Republocrat: Confessions of a Liberal Conservative

Left, Right and Christ is provocative! As one would expect, it provokes readers to think seriously about diverse issues in light of what it means to live as Christians. But I also found it provoked me to ask deeper questions of why some arguments in this book are better than others. It provoked me to pledge to express my own views on these complex subjects with greater care and humility. Finally, Left, Right and Christ prompted some great discussions with my wife and teenage daughters. I'm betting it will provoke these much-needed discussions in a variety of contexts.
Thomas Jay Oord, Professor of Theology and Philosophy Northwest Nazarene University, Co-author of The Best News You Will Ever Hear

I highly recommend this strikingly fresh contribution to the question of how evangelicals should relate to contemporary American politics and public policy. One might have thought there was nothing new to say in or about this burnt-over district, but in their sharp yet civil dialogue, D.C. Innes and Lisa Sharon Harper offer provocative and creative new reflections. One clear takeaway: there is almost no "center" here, but instead at every turn stark clashes in theological, ethical, and political judgment that track closely with similar clashes in the broader American political landscape. I cannot say that this book gives me hope. I can say that it is a high-quality contribution to the conversation.
Dr. David P. Gushee, Distinguished University Professor of Christian Ethics, Director Center for Theology and Public Life
Mercer University

11/16/2011 5:00:00 AM
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