Angels of Light: A Gallery and Guided Meditation

The Angel of Pergamos

The angel of Pergamos is dressed the clothes of a warrior, clad in golden armor and he holds a shield in his left hand. In his right hand, clutched to his heart is a glowing white stone. The stone and the green jewels of the armor were created from large chunks of glass that protrude from the surface of the window.

He represents the city of Pergamum, which was loyal to Rome. The city was a cosmopolitan center full of Hellenic and Asiatic influences. The people of Pergamum are both loving, performing good deeds as an expression of their faith, but they do not follow doctrine as an incentive for their good works.

From Pergamos we learn that reading the Bible is the way to become more closely aligned with the sacred. Love always needs the balance of wisdom for full expression. The white stone represents the pure source of love and wisdom, held close to the heart.

Lord, open my heart to your wisdom so that it will always be available to guide and lead me. Let me follow your way of truth in spreading love to all of your creation. In your name always will I do this work.

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The Angel of Thyatira: Louis Comfort Tiffany

The Angel of Thyatira

The angel of Thyatira gazes directly out from the window, cloaked in a priestly robe and cape. The angel holds a six-pointed star, which glows even more vividly than the five-pointed stars that shine from the top of each window.

The angel represents the city of Thyatira, which was originally a Macedonian military settlement, and later a wealthy industrial center. The people of Thyatira understand the importance of the union of love and truth, but can be tempted by outside influences. One temptation they face is the belief in salvation by faith alone.

From Thyatira we learn that to separate faith from charity upsets the balance of love and truth. No matter where we are in our spiritual paths, we must always be aware of temptations and falsehoods. The morning star is the meeting of love and wisdom. Balance is achieved.

Lord, give me the strength to resist temptations that pull me from my path. Let my road go straight to you as I allow the shining star of truth to lead me. Shine your light on false ideas that are separated from your love, and allow my expression and works to manifest your love for all people.

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The Angel of Sardis: Louis Comfort Tiffany

The Angel of Sardis

The angel of Sardis wears shining white armor encrusted with golden jewels under a bright white robe. In shadow, her left hand holds the book of life. The cover of the book is crafted from mottled brown glass to simulate the texture of a leather binding.

She represents the city of Sardis, which had a thriving Jewish population from the first century BCE, and many of its citizens were enrolled in the synagogues. The city and people of Sardis are known for instability and deterioration. The people follow the form of the law, but give no thought to the inner meaning. They are lacking in spiritual fire.

From Sardis we learn that worship for the sake of outward appearance is a sham. It is vital to bring life, which is love and wisdom, into worship to truly connect to the divine. The book of life and the angel's bright robes represent the state of spiritual awakening and connection to a higher wisdom.

Lord, help me to examine myself and seek to connect with your truth so that my words and actions are sincere. In this way, I can wake up to life so that all that I do and say are rooted in your wisdom.

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The Angel of Philadelphia: Louis Comfort Tiffany
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