For Freedom, Christ Set Us Free

From the theologian's perspective, much of what the existentialist says about anguish and dread of realizing one's freedom is true of the Christian. But what the Christian says further is that God is present even in the process of recognizing there is no God, of claiming one's freedom, and of setting resolutely out to create a life. The mature Christian's response, however, is radically different from that of the existentialist: he chooses to sit at the feet of Christ. And in learning from him, he becomes really free, because he no longer sees the world through the grasping and limited lens of personal initiative, but rather through the expansive and ever-deepening lens of love. He experiences desire not as a burden, but an ever-dynamic thirst for more.

11/15/2011 5:00:00 AM
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    Tim Muldoon holds a Ph.D. in Catholic systematic theology and is an award-winning author and Catholic theologian of the new evangelization.