Blessed Virgin Mary: A Mother Not Just for Catholics

I find that there can be quarrels and there can be contention and there can be struggling. But if Mother speaks, or Mother acts, or at least if there's even a conception that Mother wants us to work this out . . . I've seen this first hand, that people who thought they could never talk to a Catholic, or they could never talk to a Protestant, or they could never walk into an Orthodox Church . . . suddenly are giving the Kiss of Peace to their fellow brothers and sisters and it's all because they have a sense of the Mother.

Hearden and Kimball are currently at work on a new collaboration, Mary, God-Bearer to a World in Need, forthcoming in 2013 from Pickwick Publications.

Contributing authors to Mary, For the Love and Glory of God are Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, and Protestant, and include: Very Rev. John Behr, Dean of Vladimir's Seminary in New York; Dr. Robert L. Fastiggi, Professor of Sacred Theology at Sacred Heart Seminary in Detroit; Sr. Nonna Verna Harrison, an Eastern Orthodox nun and specialist in Patristics and Orthodox Theology; Dr. Maura Hearden, a Roman Catholic scholar and professor at DeSales University in PA; Rev. Jennifer Mary Kimball, pastor of the United Church of Northfield, VT (UCC); Dr. Virginia M. Kimball, an Eastern Orthodox theologian and president of the ESBVM USA; Rev. Dr. Donald Charles Lacy, United Methodist Pastor and well-known ecumenical author and lecturer; Sr. Barbara Jean Mihalchick OSBM, a Byzantine Catholic sister and vocation director for the Sisters of the Order of St. Basil in Uniontown, PA; Sr. Mary Catherine Nolan, a Roman Catholic Dominican sister and Marian theologian; Rev. Dr. Edward J. Ondrako, OFM Conv, scholar in residence at the Franciscan International Study Center in Canterbury, Kent, England; and Rev. Dr. Paul Snowden Russell III, an Anglican priest, noted Syriac scholar, and Dean of the St. Joseph of Arimathea Anglican Theological College, in Berkeley, CA.

12/8/2011 5:00:00 AM
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