Christ Is Born and All Is Well

One of the human embodiments of God's love in Sarah's life is her husband for whom she wrote the song "Bethlehem." The couple has been married for eighteen years and they have two daughters. Sarah wanted to write an honest song about marriage that acknowledged the fact that all relationships, even the happy ones, have their troubles. Even more than that, she wanted to highlight the fact that marriage is a sacrament: "For my husband and me, I wanted to paint that picture of . . . bringing our sacrament back to the manger year after year, turning to Christ with our brokenness in our hands and saying, 'Lord, continue to help us. Bless us and walk with us on this path of marriage. We come here to remember where love comes from. It comes from You. Please bless us with one more year of love for each other in our love for You.'"

Listening to This Winter's Eve, there's no doubt that Sarah Hart's love for God and for her family run deep. Her songs may help you grow in that same kind of love in your life.

12/12/2011 5:00:00 AM
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