Heaven and Hell: What People Are Saying

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Heaven and Hell
The Portable New Century Edition

By Emanuel Swedenborg
Translated by George F. Dole

What People Are Saying

"Emanuel Swedenborg's work is a vast, complex, dazzling world, filled with lands and seas of extraordinary beauty and richness....George F. Dole has swept away the stuffiness and stiffness of earlier versions and given us Swedenborg as he is meant to be: a thrilling visionary, a poetic seer of the first order. In every respect, this is a triumph."
—Philip Zaleski, Editor, The Best Spiritual Writing series

"The Swedenborg Foundation has done handsomely by its eponymous visionary...Dole's translation has the clarity and simplicity of Swedenborg's Latin...Highly Recommended."
—Library Journal

"Anyone interested in Western spirituality and esotericism should read Swedenborg. He is a Master. Western culture after his passage was transformed. Those who read him will likewise be transformed. This new translation—crisp, accessible, and even elegant—is a blessing."
—Christopher Bamford in Parabola, Editor-in-Chief, Anthroposophic Press

12/1/2011 5:00:00 AM
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