Spiritual Star-Gazing: An Interview with Renna Shesso

We may never know for sure, but personally, I'm good with humans doing all of the design and building, independently. We tend to drastically underestimate the abilities of our ancestors because we can't even figure out for sure how they moved and positioned those vast multi-ton stones, let alone duplicate their efforts. But most of us can't start a fire from scratch, identify edible plants or successfully track an animal either, even though our ancestors did these things very well for thousands of generations. When we're more willing to believe that space travelers should get the credit, we aren't being very good—or generous—judges of what our distant ancestors were capable of.

Do you have a favorite sky-related spiritual practice?

Being outside at night, looking up and saying "Thank you." Sometimes it's more formal and complex than that—pouring libations, offering prayers, bearing witness to my own stated intentions—but often it's just about that simple.

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12/1/2011 5:00:00 AM