Evangelicalism's Changing Heart on Immigration

These convictions urge us to uphold the law (Romans 13), but to work to reform laws that, due to their antiquity, may be unjust.

We can speak from personal experience. As ministry leaders, we regularly engage the human side of immigration, from the struggle to keep the family together under threat of deportation to the desire to see immigrant children go to school, find their purpose, and be constructive members of society. Their status may be undocumented, but they are more than "illegals." They are people who, like the rest of us, seek a better life. Each was created in God's image, possesses dignity and worth, and deserves our respect.

While there may be disagreement about the most efficient way to do so, evangelicals agree with most Americans that we need secure borders. But if politicians running for office assume that a harsh, inhumane tone is the key to winning evangelical votes, they may be surprised come election time.

This is one issue where conservative evangelicals may listen less to the pundits and more to their hearts.

1/6/2012 5:00:00 AM
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