Occupy Islam: Activism in the Face of Apathy

What was yesterday's excuse is no longer applicable to today's world, where advocacy is at one's fingertips, justice is a protest away, and change starts with an individual. The Muslim youth seem to be getting this; they may be the new kids on the block, but based on the past few weeks they are fast learners. With the likes of Sami Elmansoury, Haris Tarin, Abed Ayoub, Linda Sarsour, Khuram Zaman, Laila Abdel Aziz, Fatimah Ahmed, Omar Baddar, and the backing of the non-Muslim community (Daniel Tutt, Frankie Fredericks, etc.) they might just be hitting the tipping point.

The past 365 days have clearly proven that Muslims possess the man power, the dedicated individuals, and, most importantly, the wits to constructively address their issues. But now, what they ought to prove going forward into 2012 is that this movement is not simply a patch but rather an unstoppable force to be reckoned with that will not stop until the Muslim American community is completely intertwined in this nation's fabric.

1/13/2012 5:00:00 AM
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