Praying for the Johns

Not even the dump marks the end of goods' lives, for there the waste-management company maintains an active artist-in-residence program. Participants have free access to any and all things that people have paid to abandon, producing a growing collection of works, from garments knitted out of caution tape to lovely metal evergreens cut from the rusting blades of hand saws.

Some pieces work better than others, but overall the art program is a beautiful expression of the notion that nothing has to reach a point where the only thing it's good for is to be buried in the ground. And yet don't we sometimes look at people who've made huge wrecks of their lives and secretly think the best place for them, too, is underground? That human tendency is not consistent with the character of God.

Pray for the Johns Day is something like walking through a dump of sorts, snatching out corroded things and holding them up to God with the question, "What could you make with this?" Will you join us?

2/10/2012 5:00:00 AM
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