At the Knee of the Lord Lugh

So, some unmarked day several years back, I pledged myself to Lugh as his dalta (apprentice). And it's been unlike any other relationship I've had with a deity.

I rarely hear from Lugh. Maybe two to three times a year I will feel him speak to me during my devotion. Usually it's just after I've completed some task or challenge. I'll know before I even make offerings that today is different. And then there is Lugh, floating on the edge of my perception, ready to give me a new assignment.

The tasks Lugh has given me are varied. They range from the simple charge of creating his banner for the altar, to the momentous challenge of becoming physically fit to pursue heroism. That latter challenge has meant losing, so far, over 70 pounds. Lugh made clear that if I wish to follow the path that inspires me I will be held to the same standard as the warriors I look up to. This prospect scares me, but it is deeply fair.

Ultimately, I think that fairness is Lugh's greatest trait. The rules of heaven are firm. He offers no exceptions or extra chances. But if you're sincere and dependable he'll never let you down. He will remain a faithful and caring mentor, the watchful foster-father of the brave.

At least, that's my experience.

Does anyone else follow Lugh?

3/26/2012 4:00:00 AM