Are You Raw Meat or a Sacred Gift?

We should not abandon the public debate. But we should not rely upon the outcome, because the results of the debate are, on one level, immaterial. We are not called to change the world. We are called to life in a different world. We are not called to another kind of efficient causation. We are called to witness to God's presence.

So, in addition to that witness, ensure that your own medical decisions are clearly informed by the conviction that you and those you love were made in the image of God. Re-examine how deeply the language of modern medicine and politics may have distorted your approach to those issues. Discuss the options with family members, friends, and pastors who can think theologically and spiritually about those choices. Do what you can to make your wishes known in legal terms that correspond with your spiritual values.

Above all, learn to trust the provident care of God—which is not about fate, but God's adequacy in the moment—and the sacred gift entrusted to the Giver.

3/26/2012 4:00:00 AM