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As part of the Patheos community, you will be participating in a new dialogue about some of the most important topics in the world. And that new dialogue is:

A. Respectful and Elevated. Here we seek to better understand each other. That requires us to engage courteously and respectfully, even when we are engaging with someone with whom we fundamentally disagree.

B. Open, yet Safe. Anyone who desires to be part of the conversation can engage, but abuse will not be tolerated. Remember though: when you truly engage with someone from another faith, you often find that his or her world-view and yours are in conflict.

C. Honest and Real. At Patheos, we will often honestly express differences. And some of those differences, when it comes to different faiths, will seem false or even dangerous to you.

By using the Site in any way, you agree to the following:

A. You understand that all Member Content, whether publicly posted or privately transmitted, is the sole responsibility of the member from whom such Member Content originated. This means that you, and not Patheos, are entirely responsible for all Member Content that you upload, post, email, transmit or otherwise make available via Patheos.

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