The Military Diminishment of Judaism

Among those now convinced of the prescience of Professor Leibowitz's warning that the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza would corrupt and weaken Israeli society are the former heads of the Shin Bet, the Israel's secret service. One can hear their misgivings about the wisdom of the occupation in the 2012 Israeli film, The Gatekeepers, a chilling documentary by Dror Moreh. But don't expect to see that film at your local synagogue or Jewish community center. Those institutions will be devoting the greater part of their energies to making "the case for Israel—right or wrong."

The result of these developments in both the U.S. and Israel is that in our time, Judaism, in all of its magnificent complexity and subtlety, has been reduced to supporting "team Israel"—whatever its policies or methods.

8/20/2014 4:00:00 AM