The Ghosts of Climate Change: Ancestors and the Global Ecosystem

Transforming destructive stories requires participation in new stories. Repair work with family ancestors often includes healing and forgiveness with both the living and the recent dead. By coming into relationship with the well ancestors, we claim our place in the lineage and increase our ability to be a force for a good within the larger family. Likewise with earth healing, until we become the Earth, until we see ourselves as embedded within global ecosystems, we forfeit much of our already modest leverage on future outcomes. Living the story of a future where we transform ecologically destructive habits starts by claiming our place in family, in lineage, and as intrinsic players in the ecology of this planet.

Ecologically destructive confusion that eats at the soul of humanity will continue until the troubled dead assume their place among the well ancestors. Taking a cue from Oya, I invite all those with the skills and inclination to consider complementing necessary lifestyle and policy activism on climate change with ritual work to assist the souls of the dead who are not yet at peace. Start by tending your remembered family ancestors and work out from there. Help a ghost; it's good for the Earth.

7/23/2014 4:00:00 AM
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