The Governor of Ohio and His Quiet Christianity

Editors' Note: This is part of the Faith of the Candidates series. Learn about the religious and political beliefs of the other presidential candidates here.

Faith Affiliation: Anglican Church in North America

Current Religious Membership: St. Augustine Church, Westerville, OH

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John Kasich's parents are of Czech and Croatian descent. He was raised a Catholic, but as an adult embraced Anglicanism. He belongs to St. Augustine church in Westerville, Ohio, which is a part of the Anglican Church in North America, a group of churches that broke from the Episcopal Church.

John Kasich appeals to moderates within the Republican party. He graduated from Ohio State University. He has investment banking experience, served in the House of Representatives, and then as Governor of Ohio. He opposes abortion and argues for traditional marriage, though since the Obergefell decision in June 2015, he has suggested conservatives need to move on and accept the court decision. He has worked as an investment banker. Kasich was a member the U.S. House of Representatives for nine terms, working particularly in areas of welfare reform and budget. Since 2010, he has been Governor of Ohio. He is 63 years old.

Kasich is married to Karen, a PR executive by background, and they have two daughters: Emma and Reese. He has no children from his first marriage to Mary Lee Griffith.

John Kasich:

    1. Focuses on balancing the budget
    2. Proposes tax cuts for individuals and families, simplification of the tax code, and reform of the Internal Revenue Service
    3. Will approve the Keystone XL pipeline and work for energy independence
    4. Opposes taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood
    5. Supports Second Amendment rights
    6. Proposes repealing and replacing the ACA

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