The Texan Baptist and His Convictions

Editors' Note: This is part of the Faith of the Candidates series. Learn about the religious and political beliefs of the other presidential candidates here.

Faith Affiliation: Southern Baptist

Current Religious Attendance: First Baptist Church, Houston, TX

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Ted Cruz's father, Rafael Cruz, was a Cuban refugee who immigrated to the United States. Today Rafael Cruz is a pastor and the Director of Purifying Fire Ministries. Ted Cruz and his family live in Houston and attend Houston First Baptist Church, pastored by Gregg Matte. Houston First Baptist is a member of the Southern Baptist Convention. Its statement of faith can be found here: The Baptist Faith and Message.

Ted Cruz appeals to evangelical voters because of the overt Christian language of his platform, his arguments, and his willingness to meet with pastors, speak at churches, and attend Christian conferences and events. His decision to announce his candidacy for president at Liberty University, a conservative Christian college led by Jerry Falwell's son, indicated the kind of support he was seeking. Cruz graduated from Princeton University and from Harvard Law School. He served as the Solicitor General of Texas and is currently a U.S. Senator from Texas. He is 46 years old.

Cruz is married to Heidi and they have two daughters, Caroline and Catherine. Heidi has been the head of a division of Goldman, Sachs & Co., and has worked as an investment banker.

Ted Cruz:

    1. Supports Second Amendment rights
    2. Rejects ACA
    3. Proposes building a wall that keeps out immigrants, ending amnesty, increasing deportations
    4. Stands for a strong alliance with Israel
    5. Opposes funding for Planned Parenthood
    6. Opposes same-sex marriage

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