Can Evangelicals Have Both "Intentional Community" and Social Justice? We Must

Evangelicalism will need to fight to hold both the desire for intentional community and the desire to pursue social justice together. Intentional Community alone will produce the older Fundamentalism at best and a worrying sort of apocalypticism at worst. The quest for social justice, if unhinged from a catechetical community, will simply see more and more evangelicals moving through the "Progressive Evangelical" stage into outright Progressive Christianity.

Therefore, the future of Evangelicalism is one of immediate crisis and immediate opportunity. We can apply the lessons of the past few years in such a way to lose classic Evangelicalism by rendering it in two, or we can apply the commitments of classic Evangelicalism to the lessons of the past few years in order to move forward intact and anew.

7/22/2015 4:00:00 AM