A Climate Morality Tale With Momentum

As Christians, we will squander this sacred time if we lose ourselves in a narrative of fear rather than love. We will waste our currency if we only tell stories of fear that our church isn't relevant for youth, fear that our budgets are shrinking, fear that churches are dying, fear that we can't make a difference.

The narratives that we tell each other and the world will direct either our contribution to climate justice or our insularity when the world needs collective action based on values.

We know that love can win over fear. A suburban family of six can give up trash for forty days; congregations can install solar panels on sanctuaries; and faith communities can lobby to require carbon polluters to assume the costs of pollution.

These are our stories.

A relevant Church can create a love story connected to the world's needs — right now. And that's a story that our children will tell at the supper table, long after we are gone.

4/8/2015 4:00:00 AM