Happify Testimonials

Happify works with leading scientists and experts to create fun, science-based activities that can teach anyone to gain skills for a happier, fuller life. Triumph over negative thoughts, stress and anxiety with Happify's personalized training.

What People are Saying about Happify

"The biggest thing I've learned from Happify is how to change my outlook, especially when it comes to stressful experiences. When I started on my track, I was a total pessimist. Now I've learned to how to look for and find the possibility of good in negative situations. It's been both empowering and calming."
— Angela W., Chattanooga TN

"Happify is the most positive experience that has restored 'hope'. I could never put a price on having my daughter say, "Wow, you really are back to normal." 
— Sally S., Portland

"Stress? Bring it on! Happify gave me the tools I need to keep a handle on my work stress. I've learned to reframe my negative thoughts, focus on my core values, and be grateful for the small stuff!"
— Lori N., Bend, OR

"I have felt less stressed, more positive, more motivated, more appreciative of the many things I have to be grateful for, and more present. I have even been quarreling less with my husband and sleeping more soundly!"
— Sara S., Boston

"Thank you Happify for helping me realize that I can change the way I think/feel by performing simple yet fun activities. This not only helps my own growth as a human being, but it also positively impacts the people and community around me. "
— Mei Hui

"Happify has given me perspective on what has the biggest impact on happiness. It makes it easy to reflect on the great people and parts of your life. I love having created these notes about the wonderful things happening in my life—it's a digital scrapbook I'm sure to cherish."
— Pierre E., Durham, NC

"I have less bad days...and when I have bad days, they disperse more quickly...and they are not as severe as they were before Happify."
— Jessica G., West Park, FL

"It is a site that make you think and actually puts you in touch with your life and those around you, in a very positive way. It makes you evaluate events and provides you with the real life tools to use in situations, so you can handle them better."
— Laurie C., Ontario 

11/10/2014 5:00:00 AM
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