Beyond the Voices of Fear: It's for the Children

Three more children followed her, each with his or her own strengths and challenges. Homeschooling benefits them in different ways. It's not an easy road for us as parents; we work hard to take their interests and needs into account. Four years ago, I collected on that promise my husband made me. I couldn't handle all the schooling myself anymore. We now split the planning, instruction, and implementation between us.

We do have philosophical objections to the public school system. We're leery of the risks inherent in that culture. But I resist the thought that we have found the perfect solution in homeschooling. I recently saw a post from a homeschooler listing "everything I missed by not going to public school." It included "STDs on prom night" (it didn't specify whether prom-goers got a new one each year), "anti-Christian indoctrination," and "bullying." These fears aren't completely baseless, but homeschooling doesn't make them go away entirely. I could still have a child come home with an STD. The world is made up of other-than-Christian and anti-Christian viewpoints. And I've dealt with bullying in my very own living room.

All educational choices have advantages and disadvantages. Ultimately, what you choose depends on what your priorities are. We prize flexibility, infusing our faith into everyday life, and watching our children learn in a nurturing environment. Homeschooling gives us that.

9/7/2016 4:00:00 AM
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