Education in the Home: Soul-Crafting and Glory

Must this mean that the state of the public school system influenced us to homeschool? Well, yes and no. First, to believe that public institutions are neutral is naïve. Public schools, just like other public institutions, function and progress off of a philosophy. John Dewey knew and addressed this issue in 1938 with his essay Experience and Education in which he made light of the extremes of reactionary education and how such modes of education are of little to no value to society, especially children. So, yes, the current condition and philosophical, theoretical, and practical stances being implemented within the public system played a part in dissuading us from allowing the system to educate our children. As did the current condition and philosophical, theoretical, and practical stances of private (secular and Christian) education.

Second, as noted above there is a core belief that my wife and I could do it better. We know our children better, we understand the demands of developing a comprehensive educational framework, we thoroughly enjoy teaching, and in the end believe that our children are fundamentally and irrevocably ours. Thus, we must make the majority investment of intellectual, emotional, and spiritual capital. So, no, the weightier reasons to pursue homeschooling lay with calling, opportunity, and personal responsibility.

In the end homeschooling is not for everyone, nor should it be implemented solely on the basis of fear and trembling over cultural trends. While parents have the right and privilege of educating their children this privilege should be exercised thoughtfully. Parents should count the cost, both economically and socially, their family will incur and strive to offset these limitations through the myriad of resources available to homeschooling families. If done correctly such an educational format can be richly rewarding for the entire family, not just children.

9/7/2016 4:00:00 AM
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