The Two Most Important Lessons Pope Francis Can Teach the U.S.

As the 266th leader of the Catholic Church walks with thousands of years of history and tradition upon his shoulders, Pope Francis uses every opportunity to throw open the front door and wave people in: offering an easier pathway to annulments; granting forgiveness to women who have had abortions; personally begging for forgiveness from the thousands of children molested and sexually assaulted by Catholic priests; and even suggesting that animals may indeed go to Heaven, to the acclamation of animal lovers the world over.

Instead of being confined to stereotypes and outdated conventions, His Holiness is showing us how to embrace the modern world and each other as Jesus did, with understanding and compassion.

The new American Revolution is a war against hatred, discrimination, and ego. All starting with a simple question of introspection.

Who am I to judge?

When we honestly answer this question, we begin to lean into a more open mind. We begin to engage civilly in the larger discussion, exploring issues from every angle, even when we disagree. We give ourselves permission to consider alternative viewpoints rather than drawing a non-negotiable line in the sand. We begin to become authentic leaders.

When we honestly answer this question, we realize that what made the American Dream great to begin with is still within our reach.

9/16/2015 4:00:00 AM
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