Born Again Muslim: The Rite of Passage Not Talked About

I, on the other hand, was seeing miracles with my own eyes, feeling God's love and grace embrace me and keep me warm. Perhaps I was a fanatic, and I've toned it down in the last twenty years, but I look back at my transformation and could not be happier. God chose me from a heap of garbage and lifted me up. He took me away from that Muslim-majority country and brought me to a Christian nation where Muslims are actually Muslims.

He gave me a husband whom I am proud to call my partner in every way, excelling and reminding each other in prayer and charity to the extent that we compete about who can do more to please Allah. What more could I have wanted? Like Paul on the road to Damascus, my eyes can finally see. I can't think of another more fitting description than that I have been born again — as a Muslim.

5/6/2015 4:00:00 AM