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Rich in Years
Finding Peace and Purpose in a Long Life
By Johann Christoph Arnold

What People are Saying

"Rich in Years is rich in wisdom, rich in courage, rich in hope. The people we meet in these pages and the stories they tell all build in us a confident assurance that God is with us every step of our journey."
—Richard J. Foster, author, Celebration of Discipline

"It is a joy to be able to acknowledge in Johann Christoph Arnold's book a manifestation of "the light of faith" that Pope Francis and Pope Benedict have described as an essential guide for our lives. Rich in Years is testimony to the bond of faith that we as Christians share.
—Cardinal Sean O'Malley, Archbishop of Boston

"On these pages are wonderful words of hope. Savor them. As I sing in a recent song, 'What we do now, you and me, will affect eternity—God's counting on me, God's counting on you.'"
—Pete Seeger, musician

"A symphony of voices of men and women willing to talk about aging. The author weaves their stories together as a pastor who knows how to listen. There is much beauty here and not a trace of sentimentality."
—Eugene H. Peterson, author and scholar, The Message Bible

"This book gently invites us to reflect on the gift of aging more than the challenge of aging, and reminds us in a wonderfully consoling way that we age in the care of our gracious God."
—Sr. Carol Keehan, president and CEO, Catholic Health Association of the United States

"This book is bound to enrich all who read it. Arnold squarely faces the challenges of old age, teaching us how they can become meaningful when seen in the light of eternity."
—Alice von Hildebrand, professor emerita, Hunter College

"Using profound and stimulating stories, Arnold welcomes us into an elegant fabric of elderly life, abundant with significance. I know you will find this book spiritually enriching."
—Marva J. Dawn, author, Being Well When We're Ill

"Reading this book is rewarding but hazardous—you will need to invest in a box of tissues as well. The introduction alone made me reach for them. Powerful."
—Hashim Garrett, speaker, Breaking the Cycle

"An inspirational read for grandparents and indeed people of all ages. It deals sensitively with so many issues relating to aging and infirmity that people do not like to talk about, but really should. I found Rich in Years beautiful, helpful, and full of love."
—Catherine Wiley, founder, Catholic Grandparents Association

"What a wonderful book! For those who care about their elders, it provides a treasury of wisdom. For those of us facing the years of declining powers, this is a gold mine of encouragement. I will refer to this book often and recommend it to others."
—Fleming Rutledge, author, The Undoing of Death

"How refreshing to read a book that describes the enrichment that comes with the passing of time. With the author we can celebrate the joys of imperfection; the importance of a sense of humor as we age; and the importance of giving thanks for what our years have given us. This is timely wisdom."
—Dr. Megan Best, bioethicist and palliative care practitioner