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Responding to the Partisan Church Divide

By Mike Slaughter and Charles E. Gutenson, with Robert P. Jones

Hijacked is a must-read for anyone who is tired of the partisan bickering that divides not only our political culture, but our churches as well. This is essential reading for Christians of all stripes as we approach the "silly season" of another election that threatens to drive the wedges between people of faith ever deeper.—Jim Rice, editor, Sojourners magazine

The last 30 years have seen the political discourse grow more rancorous and increasingly uncivil. There has been a growing tendency to conflate theological commitments with political ideology. Partisan politics have infiltrated churches and political commitments are creating unnecessary divisions.

In Hijacked: Responding to the Partisan Divide (Abingdon Press, February 2012) Pastor/Author Mike Slaughter and Dr. Charles (Chuck) Gutenson, with Robert P. Jones, explore the nature of the partisan divide over the last 30 years. They provide analysis and polling data regarding the changing relationship between politics and religion and serve as expert witnesses making a case for reforming the way Christians relate to the political culture.

"It is hard to imagine anything more disastrous for the voice of the church than to have it be perceived as little more than a quasi-moral cover for partisan politics", says Slaughter. "I am still hopeful that we can reconsider the errors that brought us to where we are, and that we can learn once again to hold our positions with passion. It is that hope that this book is dedicated."

Hijacked: Responding to the Partisan Divide explores this phenomenon, offers analysis, and proposes a way forward in chapters focusing on topics such as:

  1. The Demographic Shift: Uses qualitative analysis, demographic and polling data to support thesis.
  2. The Logic of Disagreement: Suggests a "logic of disagreement" that advocates civil disagreement over apathy and ignorance.
  3. Churches Shift in the Political World: Identifies and analyzes the trend of conflating the gospel with political ideology in contemporary American culture.
  4. Escaping the Ideological Bubble: Lays out concrete steps churches and individuals can take to move beyond partisanship.
  5. Demonstrating a Way Forward: Proposes strategies for moving churches forward.

Dr. Gutenson adds, "I hope that Hijacked will make some contribution to sharper theological thinking, deeper moral reasoning and more productive deliberations among Christians about the future paths of their churches as they engage public life and politics".

What People Are Saying About Hijacked

This is a very important book that dares to ask the questions that must be asked about the relationship between faith and politics. An outstanding piece of work. - Adam Hamilton, Author of Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White

I am always shocked at how un-Christlike many Christians are when it comes to politics. We need understanding, love, and a whole lot more civility in these matters. This book goes a long well to helping. - Alan Hirsch, author and founder of Forge Mission Training Network

In an age of easy labels, so many groups that come under the heading of Christians hurt the cause of Jesus by driving their form of politics down your throat. Mike Slaughter and Chuck Gutenson offer the right touch and hit the bull's-eye with Hijacked. - former Rep. Tony Hall, US House of Representatives