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Jesus: First-Century Rabbi
By Rabbi David Zaslow

What People Are Saying

"Rabbi Zaslow has done a tremendous service to Christians and Jews alike—this book is wonderful! An important contribution to the continuing dialogue and relationship building between these two faith communities. We need to hear more of what brings us together, what we share, not just what sets us apart. Thank you both Rabbi Zaslow and Paraclete for bringing this work to fruition and for creating greater light in our world!"
—Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein, President, International Fellowship of Christians and Jews

"Theology books are rarely real page-turners but if you yearn to know Rabbi Jesus better, and to understand his parables and sayings, you won't be able to put this book down! Rabbi Zaslow has put the pieces back together for us. Learning more about the roots and branches that Jews and Christians share will bring us closer to the center of God's new community and create a way to peace for people of every faith."
—The Rev. Dr. Barbara J. Campbell, Pastor, St. Mark Presbyterian Church

"Today our faith traditions are in need of healing—both within themselves and with each other. Rabbi Zaslow's book is a dose of sacred medicine for both Christianity and Judaism... Based on solid scholarship and a luminous open heart, Zaslow makes a powerful and much needed contribution to the interfaith dialogue."
—Joan Borysenko, Ph.D.

"Rabbi Jesus seen in his native setting was a he artful teacher of Jewish lore and morals. Rabbi Zaslow has brought him home to us so that we may hear him among his own contemporaries whom we honor and learn from."
—Rabbi Dr. Zalman Schachter-Shalomi

"This book will broaden the minds and deepen the hearts of individuals who read it, but imagine the possibilities for deeper understanding and compassion between Jewish and Christian congregations if Jesus: First-Century Rabbi was used in interfaith study groups! This unique resource is a gift to us all."
—The Rev. Anne K. Bartlett, Episcopal Priest

"Readers of Jesus: First-Century Rabbi will find the common areas—Torah, tradition, and sacred space—a protective umbrella reverencing the faith truths of two world religions..."As the wolf shall lie down with the lamb," those of Judaic-Christian interests may liken this text to a protective tent under which clubs and congregations can neighbor through an exchange of religious inspiration and return to their respective traditions with living waters."
—Sister Carolyn Sur, School Sister of Notre Dame, St. Louis University

"This an important book, for Christians and Jews alike. Rabbi Zaslow has tried to stimulate a conversation and build bridges between the two faiths. This is a critically important task, and this book makes that attempt with broad scholarship and great clarity."
—Rev. John M. Salmon, Ph.D., Princeton Theological Seminary

"Christian readers will find their faith stirred by reading this book on their own, or as shared reading with Jewish friends. Renewal is coming to faith by learning in the presence of the other... It is as if Jesus has been holding his breath, waiting for this time."
—Rev. Dr. Joseph Ward, D.Min., Presbyterian Church USA