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Make Magic of Your Life
Passion, Purpose, and The Power of Desire
By T. Thorn Coyle

Discussion Questions

  1. What do you long for? Have you ever felt a calling? What does your soul desire?
  2. What in your life feels satisfying? What supports your sense of purpose and connection? What lights a fire in your mind or heart?
  3. What disconnects you from yourself and the world around you? Habit? Fear? Uncertainty? Apathy?
  4. Do you know your place in the world? How comfortable are you taking up space?
  5. What are you best at? Listening? Making things? Solving puzzles? Gardening? Putting things together? Taking things apart? Loving?
  6. There is some work -- some practice, joy, or way of being -- that only we can manifest in this world. What do you consistently return to? If you could do anything, what would that be?
  7. The Four Powers of the Sphinx are To Know, To Will, To Dare, and To Keep Silence. What do these words bring up in you? How might they become guides for your journey?
  8. In cultivating the spirit of inquiry, we cultivate presence. This helps us to manifest our divine work in the world. How much time do you spend in deep listening or contemplation?
  9. One definition of desire is the place where want and need come together. What are your deeper wants and needs? What helps you to approach them? What seeks them out and what resists?
  10. What is your definition of success?
  11. Everything in life is about relationship and each relationship entails risk. What are you willing to risk in order to live the life you feel is waiting for you? Are you willing to risk failure? Success? Love?
  12. Desire harnesses life energy, and is directed by our will so that we can move forward toward manifestation. What feeds your sense of vitality and engagement? How much time are you making for things that enliven your body, mind, heart, and soul?
  13. What feels like your biggest struggle toward manifesting your best work in the world? What feels like your biggest ally?
  14. Do you feel willing to do the magic necessary to live a life you feel passionate about?
  15. How are you best of service to yourself and the world? What does that look or feel like? What actions or way of being does it encompass?
  16. Living a life of purpose, a life that matters—that takes up space and offers back something meaningful—requires support. What are you willing to commit to that will offer this support? Daily spiritual practice such as prayer or meditation? Regular physical exercise? Study? Self-observation? If you were to pick one thing to commit to in order to fully live the life you desire, what would that be?