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The World Is Not Ours to Save
Finding the Freedom to Do Good
By Tyler Wigg-Stevenson

"I love Tyler. He has style, and wit, and innovation, and sass. I didn't like the title of the book. But then I read it. Tyler corrects some of the errors of activism and challenges the assumptions of belief-only Christianity. He reminds us here that works don't earn our salvation, but they do demonstrate it. And Tyler insists that we pray as if we depend on God, because we do...but that we also live as if God depends on us, because God does. May Tyler's words inspire us all to become the change we pray for."
—Shane Claiborne, author, activist and lover of Jesus, 

"We all want to be heroes, but there are true limits to our activism. The World Is Not Ours to Save is a humbling reminder that we are free to love, serve and speak up because the greatest battles are not ours to win. This is an important read for young activists who seek to understand God's biblical vision for peace, justice and love on earth—while exploring their own role in the world. Through compelling historical and present-day narratives, Wigg-Stevenson casts a vision of activism that encourages us to think theologically about our activities and steward our calling, ultimately drawing us back to Jesus."
—Jena Lee Nardella, cofounder and CEO, Blood:Water Mission

"Tyler Wigg-Stevenson has opened a hatch, offering a breathtaking view into the kingdom of God. Painting a backdrop of some of the most harrowing realities and possibilities from the past century and the century to come, Tyler invites us to reorient our impulses toward either apathy or activism, centering our gaze instead on Jesus Christ himself and the character of our God who reigns over all. It is impossible not to be challenged—deeply—by this book. Read it. Wrestle with it."
—Bethany H. Hoang, director of the IJM Institute for Biblical Justice, author of Deepening the Soul for Justice

"Tyler Wigg-Stevenson's The World Is Not Ours to Save is a must-read for anyone serious about understanding and ending the threat of nuclear weapons in our world today. As believers we are to be Christ, conscious of what a world with nuclear weapons and a world without them means to us socially, humanly and spiritually. The abolition of nuclear weapons is one of the most important issues we must pray for and take a stand on today."
—Jaeson Ma, artist, musician and church planter

"There is a generation arising committed to reconciling Billy Graham's message of salvation with Dr. Martin Luther King's march for justice. Tyler Wigg-Stevenson embodies that mission and presents a practical framework for building a firewall against activism fatigue and cause-related myopia. In The World Is Not Ours to Save, Tyler submits the proposition that unbridled activism and advocacy results in a spiritual disbalance that merits a corrective prescription—one that emerges out of a kingdom lens and vocational discipline."
—Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, president, National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference, Hispanic Evangelical Association