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American Buddhist Perspective
by Justin Whitaker

The Dalai Lama criticizes Trump’s “America First” policy

In the video posted by England’s Channel 4 News yesterday (below), the Dalai Lama also discusses the need for a compassionate cultural revolution in China and the possibility of the end of his line of rebirths. Speaking of the Trump policy, he said: “I believe, with admiration, America as a leading nation of the free world. [Read More...]

Bodhisattva Road
by Daniel Scharpenburg

Touch of Grey

I’m not sure whether to say “I have a touch of autism” or “I’m at the very edge of the autism spectrum”. But there it is, plain and out in the open for everyone to see. Totally exposed and vulnerable. I was tested for it last year. I’m in the range of just barely detectable. [Read More...]

Monkey Mind
by James Ford

Parrots Over Long Beach

This morning as I got up to make my coffee I heard the now familiar joyful squawking that told me the parrots are visiting the neighborhood. We live in Long Beach’s Alamitos Beach neighborhood. Our local feral colony actually live in Belmont Shore the next neighborhood over. But they like to roam a little. And [Read More...]

My Journey of Conscience
by Domyo Burk

All This Awful S**T – Can We Boil It All down into a Single Fight for Values?

Every time I look at the news, I’m greeted by a new, awful report about how something I deeply value is about to be thrown under the bus. It’s mind-boggling, not to mention emotionally exhausting. Just out of curiosity, I made a list of what is currently under direct threat (be sure to scroll down [Read More...]

Wild Fox Zen
by Dosho Port

The True Bridge? Studying and Teaching Zen

                A monk asked Zhaozhou, “For a long time I’ve heard about Zhaozhou’s stone bridge. Coming here, I only see a simple log bridge.” Zhou said, “You only see the simple log bridge, but don’t see the stone bridge.” The monk said, ”What is the stone bridge like?” [Read More...]