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American Buddhist Perspective
by Justin Whitaker

Psychologists test the Dalai Lama’s teaching on Compassion, and it works

Anyone in a relationship knows that it feels good to do something nice for your significant other. In fact, in general, it just feels good to give. Theorists have posited a spectrum of reasons why this is so, from the “egoist” position that we only give in hope of receiving back to accounts that suggest [Read More...]

Bodhisattva Road
by Daniel Scharpenburg

Joyous and Wonderful

What we are trying to do on the Buddhist path is overcome the things that hinder us. The dharma is our path, but we are carrying everything along on the path with us. This includes our difficulties. Everything is part of the path and nothing is separate. We are, in a very real way, part [Read More...]

Dharma Dad
by Ty Phillips

A Buddhist And A Nun Walk Into A Church.

I hear her cackle first thing in the morning. I come in at 6:30 am and she has been up for three hours already, two of which are spent praying in the chapel downstairs. I sit down at my desk and hear her laughing—cackling if you will—with the nurses. She is almost 80 and yet, [Read More...]

Off the Cushion
by Rev. Danny Fisher

On Quitting Things (Including This Blog)

“The main thing I have done in the way of news since I last wrote was to quit the university… It’s a relief. I get disillusioned at a pace just short of geological, but I finally saw undeniably that, aside from my ‘reputation,’ the university had no use for me, and that, aside from the [Read More...]

Monkey Mind
by James Ford

Let Us Never Forget the Battle of Los Angeles: a Small Meditation on the Madness of Crowds

I am fully expecting a moving testimonial sometime today from Mr Trump singing praises of the heroes of the Battle of Los Angeles. It was late night on the 24th of February, in 1942. Air raid sirens began blaring over Los Angeles. As the night turned to the earliest morning of the 25th, some people saw [Read More...]

My Journey of Conscience
by Domyo Burk

All This Awful S**T – Can We Boil It All down into a Single Fight for Values?

Every time I look at the news, I’m greeted by a new, awful report about how something I deeply value is about to be thrown under the bus. It’s mind-boggling, not to mention emotionally exhausting. Just out of curiosity, I made a list of what is currently under direct threat (be sure to scroll down [Read More...]

Wild Fox Zen
by Dosho Port

The True Bridge? Studying and Teaching Zen

                A monk asked Zhaozhou, “For a long time I’ve heard about Zhaozhou’s stone bridge. Coming here, I only see a simple log bridge.” Zhou said, “You only see the simple log bridge, but don’t see the stone bridge.” The monk said, ”What is the stone bridge like?” [Read More...]