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American Buddhist Perspective
by Justin Whitaker

Buddhism, Patriarchy, Abuse, and Violence: We Need to Talk

What may surprise some Western Buddhists is that many of the same beliefs and structures that led to and continue to support abuses in the Catholic Church and American police forces also exist in many Buddhist communities.

Bodhisattva Road
by Daniel Scharpenburg

Lojong Point 7: Guidelines

This point has to do with how we go further in our day to day life. This is connected to an understanding of how we can have better behavior in our relationships and in our lives in general. 39. All Activities Should Be Done With One Intention The one intention is to cultivate bodhicitta, to [Read More...]

Monkey Mind
by James Ford

Trying to Create a Zen Buddhist Liturgical Calendar for North America

I’ve found myself thinking about the emergence of a North American Zen Buddhist liturgical calendar. Several questions bubble up with this. What ceremonies make sense carrying forward from East Asia? For instance such as the Buddha’s birth, enlightenment, and death. Which celebrations might best be folded into pre-existing holidays? Such as Obon and whether it [Read More...]

Wild Fox Zen
by Dosho Port

Did Dōgen Drop and What?

        “Some Sōtō Zen scholars and priests argue that Dōgen was against ‘personal’ enlightenment and that such an experience is out of tune with Dōgen’s teaching. Therefore, they conclude that later teachers must have made up the story of Dōgen’s personal enlightenment experience (you’ll find one version of this story at the bottom [Read More...]