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The Rule and the Raven

Confessions of a Tribal Catholic

Every Catholic feels like they’re a strange kind of Catholic, I think. No one is a “good” Catholic, anyway. We’re all just a bunch of people trying, and sometimes we’re not even trying to be good. We’re just trying, at all. I always feel a bit tribal. [Read More...]

Catholic Authenticity

Conservatives vs Liberals: Who are the Real Catholics?

Several years ago, I was involved in a frustrating and interminable exchange about Catholic sexual morality over e-mail. At some point in the conversation my interlocutor sent me a copy of the entire chapter of the Catechism that covers the sixth commandment, heavily highlighted to show the errors in my position. [Read More...]

suspended in her jar

how can we counter the anti-semitism of right-wing reactionaries?

This is what I think of at the corollary to the Banality of Evil: the tackiness of it. It leans ultimately towards ugly art, bad hairstyles, absurd histrionics, and a moral vacuousness that tries to cover itself with shiny externals. I am reminded of Dante's depiction of the damned as "those who have lost the good of the intellect" - and the further down Inferno you go, the more nasty and stupid the souls there.

Jappers and Janglers

The Sensuous Catholic Body

This one will be short, because my point is singular: American Catholics must avoid the Protestantization of the body. This is a pressing concern for me because I’ve met so many (especially young) Catholics who feel a need to give up everything upon entering the Church, as if all things were unclean for the Christian [Read More...]

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BEN-HUR 2016 Trailer | Paramount Pictures
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