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Good Letters

Calling the Lapsed

The parish party was a bust. As a member of the Parish Council, I had promised—yet not followed through—on calling the database of lapsed Catholics the Council had acquired by asking parishioners to fill out notecards during Sunday Mass, listing friends and family members who had fallen away.  [Read More...]

The Cordial Catholic

How an Evangelical Learned to Love the Saints

I didn’t know about the saints until my thirties but I came by my ignorance honestly. As an Evangelical we didn’t talk about the saints. If we did, it was to condemn those idol-worshiping Catholics who named and adorned their places of worship with statues of these long dead heretics.  [Read More...]

Steel Magnificat

Heroin, Bananas and the Cry of the Poor

Someone gave me an extra big tip on the blog tip jar, a few weeks ago. It was so big I felt guilty spending it all on myself, so I used some of it on breakfast food, doughnuts and sausage and a bunch of bananas, and brought then to The Friendship Room downtown.  [Read More...]

Jappers and Janglers

Francis, My Pope

Francis is quite the case. In a world after Amoris Laetitia, after supposed near-schism, after port-a-potties, it’s hard to think of a Francis beyond controversy, or at least the one of days past: the one scrutinized for embracing the deformed, for housing the homeless—the man in white. [Read More...]

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BEN-HUR 2016 Trailer | Paramount Pictures
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