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Inebriate Me

When Did God Stop Beating His Wife?

The (by and large quite good) Aeon magazine has a frustrating story on the question of whether God can lie and how it was supposedly the case that the Scientific revolution solved what had been hitherto a frustrating theological question. I say frustrating because it doesn’t contain outright falsehoods but does contain enough omissions and prevarications that a misleading [Read More...]

The Anchoress

Grousing at God, Barking at Saints, and a Constant Renewal

Not to keep talking about about me, me, me, but here I go: In my column at The Catholic Answer magazine, I relate a little of what a crank I become when I am stressed out: Recently, I began the day very badly. I opened my eyes and was immediately stressed about my life, largely [Read More...]

Grace Pending

Not Surprisingly, Francis Is Catholic

I am, by disposition and training, what is generally referred to as a classic, free market economic conservative. Having once run for public office – the New York State Assembly – my positions were more or less honed during an electoral battle against a far left entrenched incumbent. Although, truth be told, depending on the [Read More...]

Public Catholic

Pope Francis: Discarding the Elderly is Ugly and It is a Sin

This is a powerful message for our Pope on the care of the elderly.

The Faithful Traveler

Remembering Professor Charles E. Rice

On Wednesday night, February 25th, my beloved Torts professor and mentor, Charles E. Rice  passed away. Since finding out that evening, I have been thinking about and praying for him and his family nonstop. It occurred to me that most of my strong Notre Dame memories involve this amazing man. I thought I’d share them with you. [Read More...]

Cry Woof

Conversion, or Rearranging Your Inner Furniture

Everybody’s familiar with what I’ll call “Big-C” Conversion, as in, Mr. So-and-so just converted to Catholicism, or Miss Such-and-Such converted to Christianity. Tonight, though, I need to speak to our RCIA group about “Conversion”; and for Catholics there’s a lot more to it than simply “I converted to Catholicism”. Big-C Conversion is a real and [Read More...]

Kyle Cupp

Hiding Behind Private Property Rights

One can't justly hide behind private property rights when the system that defines and supports those rights oppresses or ignores the less fortunate, enforcing grossly unequal distribution and neglecting basic human needs.

God in the Machine

The Shrine of St. Katharine Drexel

At our parish, we take the seventh grade students to The Shrine of St. Katharine Drexel in Bensalem Pennsylvania, located on the grounds of the motherhouse of the Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament. If you’re in the area (north of Philadelphia) you can visit her tomb there, and see her prie dieu, wheelchair, habit, and many other [Read More...]

Cosmos the in Lost

Nietzsche Says Christianity Produces Weaklings. Kolakowski Agrees.

Nietzsche’s Antichrist is on my all time favorite novels for a particular reason. His writing cannot always be taken as pure philosophy since many of the things he says are fictitious. The genre of fiction deflects much more of the interpretive task onto its readers than philosophy. On the other hand, philosophers tend to speak [Read More...]

Shoved to Them

Introducing The Visitation Project – #WhatisTVP?

When I was in school, my mother got almost weekly notes from my teachers about how much I talked in class. I spent hours sitting quietly in the back of the room, or with my head on my desk, in an effort to stop my constant chatting with my classmates. My poor Mama would shake [Read More...]

Unbroken: Now Featured in the Patheos Movie Club"