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Sick Pilgrim

Being Catholic, Being Cajun: Catholic Identity and its Discontents

The calamity in my neck of the woods, Southern Louisiana, is pervasive. My entire community has been affected, and so have I. The heart-breaking destruction, alongside the strength of character drawn out by the recent floods, has left me reeling. In times like this, I find myself questioning the fundamentals of my identity. If I call myself [Read More...]


You Call Yourself a Catholic?

Do I call myself a Catholic? Yes. A proud, joyful, grateful and vociferous one. Jesus invited me, and I’m staying.

The Font

NEW SERIES: “Catholicity: Identity and Its Discontents”

  “What is Catholicism?” is one question. “Who is a Catholic?” is a very different question; it is the question. Between today and August 26, the Patheos Catholic Channel will explore this question and disclose personal replies to it. I will post links here and provide a final wrap up post when the series is [Read More...]

Lisa Duffy: A Million Unheard Souls

Feeling Emotionally Stuck? 3 Sure-Fire Ways To Move Past The Pain Of Divorce (Or Any Loss)

A leader can’t lead unless he knows where he’s going. That’s one of my favorite TV show lines, spoken by the ever-evolving character, John Locke, in the television series Lost. That statement speaks volumes about a lot of the discontentment many people in general feel these days, but definitely a familiar lament for men and [Read More...]

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BEN-HUR 2016 Trailer | Paramount Pictures
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