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God and the Machine

Ophelia’s Funeral: Suicide and The Church

“We were just mean,” my mother noted sadly when we found the certificate. She meant the Church.

A Catholic Thinker

On Suffering, St. Bartholomew & the Murder of James Foley

Their lives were directed toward greater purposes that outstrip any devilish attempt to subjugate and destroy.  

The Anchoress

Unhappy Nation America: Not a Family, Not a People

National resentment means an unhappy America and a citizenry at-war with itself.

David Mills

We’re Not a Family, We’re a Nation, So Take That

That being the great unifier, healer, uniter, etc., really meant “Do what I want you to do” was obvious to some of us.

Shoved to Them

Because They’ll Carry You

As I walked deeper and deeper into the breaking waves, she laid her head on the back of my neck and sighed, “I miss this".

Inebriate Me

How Partisan Should The Pro-Life Movement Be?

The story of the pro-life movement and partisanship is the story of pro-lifers pushed out of one party. 

Kyle Cupp

What Is Christianity For?

“The only-begotten Son of God, wanting to make us sharers in his divinity, assumed our nature, so that he, made man, might make men gods.”  

K-Lo at Large

Hail Mary Pass for Christians Under Fire

If we give a check and do nothing else, we’re not responding to the blood that cries out to us and our call as Christians.

Sacred Bodies of Water