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Standing on my Head

On Being a Critical Catholic

When I became a Catholic I had a few people snark, “How nice for you! You won’t have to think anymore.” I’d never deny that there are robotic Catholics who either can’t think for themselves or who think its a sin, but I haven’t met that many.  [Read More...]


How Does Jesus Talk to You?

You let God fill your mind with whatever He wants. And you may not even know that He’s talking to you. You may not recognize a single thing from God in that moment. But throughout the day, He’s going to have other people talk to you. And it is going to blow you away.  [Read More...]

Public Catholic

JFK vs Trump: Who Wins?

This is worth a look. It’s President Kennedy’s first press conference. We were deep in the cold war when this press conference occurred. Now, we’re about to inaugurate a president whose electoral efforts benefitted greatly from Russian hacking. Claims that the Russian hacking and the subsequent release of embarrassing emails concerning President Elect Trump’s opponent [Read More...]

Bad Catholic

Why Millennials Want to Change the World

The older, business generation criticizes my generation for a vague, object-less idealism. We want to “change the world”, but we have no idea what we would like to change it into. We want to “make a difference” — we are relatively inarticulate on the difference we would like to make. The criticism fits: we are [Read More...]

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BEN-HUR 2016 Trailer | Paramount Pictures
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