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I Have to Sit Down

Married to an angry man: An open letter to the Synod Fathers (GUEST POST)

This is a guest post written by the friend of a friend. The writer goes by Monica More, which is a pseudonym. I have bolded some passages for emphasis. Priests, especially, please take heed.     Dear Synod Fathers,   Thank you for your prayerful consideration of how the Church can offer better pastoral care to [Read More...]

The Deacon's Bench

Curious about women deacons? Look East.—UPDATED

While the subject has popped up at the Synod this week, and seems to be generating some buzz, the topic of women deacons is hardly new to some churches in the East.  The Coptic Church, for example, has a long history of deaconesses, but the office is not conferred by ordination and seems roughly akin to [Read More...]

Diary of a Wimpy Catholic

Lessons from A Modern Family of Introverts

When I say I have no social skills, I mean I lack the flexibility to take part in the Kadesh Operations – the ad hoc alliances, the raids and counter-raids — involved in carving out and holding a place among a large number of fellow humans. In company, I isolate myself until I decide, abruptly [Read More...]

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