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The Anchoress

Patheos Catholic Introduces Ben Conroy and Tom Zampino!

Two more new writers at Patheos! Spotting good, fairly unknown writers like Ben and Tom and giving them a platform has often proven to be just the ticket!

Grace Pending

Somewhere Between Humbled and Humiliated

I needed to tell his story. Not for him. For me. I needed to remember his face, his voice, his words. And, yes, the dust.


Shadows on the Road

Those Who You Would Kill, Look Them Straight in the Eye

We have merely gotten better at taking our violence out of the public eye. Ours is not an age of peace. It is an age of invisibility.


Kyle Cupp

The Church’s Move toward Pacifism

If the life of every human person is inviolable, then the innocence or guilt of the particular person is irrelevant to the inviolability of her life.

Shoved to Them

Weeding It Out

It was the truth that I have suspected all along. We are not just pack-rat/hoarders/drowning in excess. We have crossed the line into sinful.

Water into Wine

Of Joseph Pearce, the Devil, and Solsbury Hill

One of the elements of his story that still inspires and moves me is the importance of small acts of kindness by strangers. 

Cosmos the in Lost

Phenomenology, the Anxieties of Life, and the Mystery of Hope

Catholicism, despite all the temptations, is a public religion, not a private or sectarian escape.

Happy Catholic Bookshelf

When the Game Stands Tall

About brotherhood, fatherhood, and finding our way in a difficult world; forming our souls through decisions made in times of trouble and hardship. 

Sacred Bodies of Water