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Coming Down to Earth

The Greatest of All Inequalities

In the United States today, an immense amount of research shows that the greatest of all inequalities faced by Americans lies in the marital structure of the home in which they grow up. Robert Fogel may have been the first one to notice it, but recent studies by Charles Murray, Brad Wilcox, Mary Eberstadt, and [Read More...]

Standing on my Head

Chust for Nice – Annunciation

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The Deacon's Bench

Once again, Fortune names Pope Francis to list of “World’s 50 Greatest Leaders”

They did it last year, and they’ve done it again. From USA TODAY:  Fortune explains, “To make this roster, it was not enough to be brilliant, admirable, or even supremely powerful (see Moisés Naím’s essay on Vladimir Putin). We set out to find singular leaders with vision who moved others to act as well, and who brought their [Read More...]

The Anchoress

What Did Mary Get From Visiting Elizabeth?

I have been so busy working on my project that I have nearly forgotten to point you over toward the Patheos Book Club, where they are looking at Denise Bossert’s lovely little book, Gifts of the Visitation: Nine Spiritual Encounters with Mary and Elizabeth I had the pleasure of meeting Denise during my sadly truncated [Read More...]

Seasons of Grace

And She Conceived by the Holy Spirit: A Reflection on the Annunciation

Wherever you live, chances are you hear the church bells from time to time.  Perhaps you’ve grown so accustomed to their gentle pealing that you don’t even notice—but Catholic churches ring their bells three times each day:  at 6:00 a.m., 12:00 noon, and 6:00 p.m. It’s called The Angelus—a call to prayer.  The Angelus is [Read More...]

Barefoot and Pregnant

Little Girls Who Body-Shame

It finally happened — the thing I’ve been dreading since I heard “it’s a girl” for the first time. Another girl body-shamed my daughter. But not the daughter I expected, my oldest, the one wading her way through awkward prepubescence. No, it was my youngest, Charlotte, who’s only in kindergarten. I was there when it [Read More...]

God in the Machine

The Earliest Known Depiction of Witches On Brooms, and What It Tells Us About Evil

This marginal illustration comes from Le champion des dames (A Defense of Women) by Martin Le France, 1451. Martin was secretary to both Antipope Felix V and Pope Nicholas V. His work is a 24,000-verse (!) poem extolling the virtues of women, but also condemning heresy and corruption. The witches are identified Vaudois, or Waldensians, who were accused of practicing witchcraft and [Read More...]

Summa This Summa That

Maximizing Major League Baseball’s Emotional Impact

An interesting baseball story broke this past Friday. And since there’s nothing of sporting note going on right now, I thought it’d be a good way to get everyone in the mood for the regular season. (I kid, I kid, college hoops fans. Sort of. Dominic, the First Son, is probably watching the NCAA Basketball Tournament [Read More...]

Unequally Yoked

Some Tools for Failing to Live Perfectly Well

Richard Beck of Experimental Theology had an interesting post up recently about purity and anxiety in progressive Christian circles.  I’ve excerpted it below:  [T]his “will to purity” doesn’t just manifest in protecting sacred beliefs, it manifests in behavior as well. Both evangelical and progressive Christians doggedly pursue a vision ofmoral purity.For evangelical Christians moral purity will fixate on hedonism (e.g., sex, [Read More...]

Catholic to the Core

What’s the number one thing on my To-Do List? You won’t believe it!

I can hardly believe it. I've been accepted to the Jordan Tourism Board's Religious Journalist/Blogger Press Tour, scheduled for April 9-19, 2015! I am so shocked, so grateful, and so excited! ...I'll be posting here about the trip so that you'll be able to experience what I experience in the amazing country of Jordan! Won't you come along?

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