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The Anchoress

Expelled Iraqi Christians, Give Witness to ISIS Fascism - UPDATED

Persecution of Christians in the Near and Middle East will continue, and this poison will spread, and you and I are going to astounded at how quickly, and how far.

David Mills

Judging Israel

When one side has the stories and the other the analysis, the one with the stories wins the hearts of the listeners.

Inebriate Me

Impotence, Shame, Disgust – And Bitter Joy

Persecuted Christians are too Christian for the Left to care, and too third-worldy for the Right to care (but, you know, there’s a War on Christmas on).

Standing on my Head

Coming Up: An Ecumenism of Blood

Suddenly all the petty quarrels Catholics have among themselves and with other Christians fade away. 

Pia de Solenni

War on Women? Try 2 Million Contacts. 100,000 Hours. Countless Lives Transformed.

We also need efforts to meet women who are faced with a crisis pregnancy right here. Right now.

The Catholic Book Blogger

Church Fathers, Day Three: St. Augustine – When God Speaks, Hear

The truth is God speaking to us, not through our ears, but through our minds.

God and the Machine

‘Desire of the Everlasting Hills’: A Powerful Witness to Catholic Teachings on Same-Sex Attraction

Paul, Dan, and Rilene all have same-sex attraction, and all have embraced the Church’s teaching on chastity.

Sacred Bodies of Water