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Standing on my Head

America: There May Be Trouble Ahead…

Whoever is elected president, I predict that America will enter into four years of turmoil. The passions stirred up in this election have revealed an America more divided than ever before, and the divisions are bound to get worse. Racial divisions are at boiling point. Class divisions are brewing. Educational disparities are obvious. Ethnic suspicions [Read More...]

Lisa Duffy: A Million Unheard Souls

Veritatem Regnat! Here’s A Must-See Video If You’re Voting On November 8th

I’m taking a rare break from my normal outreach to divorced Catholics to share this outstanding must-see sermon by Father John Lankeit from Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral in Phoenix, AZ. I share this with you in hopes you will take to heart the excellent points laid out by this priest before you cast your [Read More...]

The Cordial Catholic

Five Things You Need to Know About the Protestant Reformation

The Lutheran church down the street from our house has a sign that proudly proclaims, Reformation Sunday Celebrating 499 years of the Protestant Church It makes me feel a bit nauseous every time I pass because there’s one thing we shouldn’t be doing as we consider the 499th anniversary of the Reformation it’s celebrating. Now I know [Read More...]

Sick Pilgrim

We are Blood Thirsty: Twilight, Fifty Shades, and Leviticus

More than half of girls aged 10-14 and one in five aged 10-18 ritualistically bleed themselves through cutting [Read More...]

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BEN-HUR 2016 Trailer | Paramount Pictures
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