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The Cordial Catholic

Why Does the Catholic Church Have So Many Rules?

Easily one of the most frequent objections to Catholicism that I hear is that it’s a miserable religion made up of equally miserable rules. (And miserable people!) It’s the stuff of the Pharisees. The stuff that Jesus railed against. It’s all about following the rules. I hear this objection most often from those I meet that were raised Catholic [Read More...]

Standing on my Head

Twelve Ideas for Making America Great Again

You’ll be glad to hear that I’m not running for President, but here are my twelve ideas for making America great again. Give bigger tax breaks for charitable giving – Rather than taxing rich people to death, give them bigger tax breaks for charitable giving. Regulate charities more – Make sure charities really do charitable work and are [Read More...]

Steel Magnificat

Important Presidential Election Update

I just wanted to give my fine readers a word of encouragement: it’s only two weeks until election day. Two weeks. Fourteen days. A fortnight. One more than a baker’s dozen. Ten business days plus two weekends and, provided that the loser concedes peacefully, which is a worry for another day, this will [Read More...]

Sick Pilgrim

Spooky Pilgrim Ghost Stories: Kid’s Edition!

  (Believe it or not, your esteemed Sick Pilgrim co-founders have kids. Jess has two and J has three. Two of our offspring have started ghost clubs at their respective schools. So, yeah, we are raising them right! We invited our two eldest to share ghost stories with us.) Charlotte’s Story One day I happened [Read More...]

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BEN-HUR 2016 Trailer | Paramount Pictures
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