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David Mills

Notre Dame Cheated

Cheated of victory, I mean. I have no dog in this hunt, except for a general Catholic cultural preference for Notre Dame (or Boston College, or any other Catholic school with a decent football team) to win, especially over Behemoth U. Various friends have been lamenting the university’s loss to Florida State Saturday and having out of [Read More...]

The Deacon's Bench

Watch out, Madonna: Sister Cristina turns “Like a Virgin” into a prayer

This is something. Italy’s fabled “Singing Nun” from “The Voice” has released her first video, and it is lightyears from what Madonna must have imagined. The original video, of course, featured the singer gliding through the canals of Venice as a bride. Well, here we have the singer as a bride of Christ. Singing in and around churches. [Read More...]

Sticking the Corners

#Synod14 – Prostitute Nation and a Jar of Perfume

If you want to understand the clerical food fight portion of this month’s Synod on the Family, what you need to know about is sexting. Not the Catholic kind, the other kind. Your must-read article for this month is The Atlantic’s feature Why Kids Sext.  It’s long, and you should read the whole thing. Points [Read More...]

Grace Pending

Let The Stones Fall From Our Hands So That They Can Come Together In Prayer

Church politics. As a recent revert, I’ve managed to avoid thinking much about it. My heart has been gratefully focused upon the warmth, the charity, and the peace that has come from being back home. Until now. The Synod goings-on, the exploding heads, the earthquakes that really weren’t, the release of the final relatio, the perhaps deliberate confusion. Intrigue. Hidden, [Read More...]

Cosmos the in Lost

The Veils of Separation Drop

In a curious reversal of the Parable of the Good Samaritan I picked up an old helping friend last night: Martin Laird’s A Sunlit Absence. The last few months have left me exhausted (more than usual) by persistent self-doubts, anxieties, career stress, and money worries. You know things are not going well when someone like myself [Read More...]

Pia de Solenni

Cardinal Burke – In or Out?

Buzzfeed has an interview with Cardinal Burke which makes it sound like he’s out. Sorta. But read carefully. Is he confirming a rumor or is it more? Nothing is formal. Then again, Pope Francis never confirmed him in his position as head of the Apostolic Signatura. Vatican watchers would be better able to judge the [Read More...]

Pursued by Truth

Three Reasons for Synod Hysteria (and the Solution)

Marriage and family are high voltage topics in any arena these days. So when Pope Francis decided to confront these issues head on and gather all the bishops in a Synod on the Family to discuss just the things that already have everyone in a tizzy, I have to admit I felt a little tense. [Read More...]

A Good Measure

Being “A Church that Must Go Out” in the Digital Age

In the busyness of the past few days, I almost missed an incredible piece by Bishop Ricken. Along with being one of my favorite bishops to follow on Twitter, Bishop Ricken is the spiritual shepherd of Green Bay, Wisconsin, and chairman of the U.S. bishops’ Committee on Evangelization and Catechesis. This portion of his remarks truly [Read More...]

Cry Woof

CT 14: God Not A Species Predicated Of Individuals

We’re blogging through St. Thomas Aquinas’ Compendium Theologiae, sometimes called his Shorter Summa. Find the previous posts here. It’s been a month since the last entry in the series, so it’s time to recap. Thomas began by showing that there is a first, ultimate cause of all caused things; he calls this ultimate cause “God” for convenience, though [Read More...]

The Crescat

Insignificant Members of the Church…

… You know what the absolute best thing in the whole world is about having a blog? The ability to go back and read some of the nonsense I previously wrote and learn from my past errors in judgement. Take for example this post from two years, It’s Not The Church’s Responisibilty To See That [Read More...]

Sacred Bodies of Water