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Letters from the Edge of Elfland

Having Finished One Journey I Find there Is Still More Walking to Do: Reflections on Being Received into the Catholic Church

David Russell Mosley Eastertide Easter Monday 2017 The Edge of Elfland Hudson, New Hampshire Dear Readers, One of the many advantages to working for a Catholic high school is that I get Easter Monday off and can take a quick moment to write to all of you. As you know, on Saturday Evening at the [Read More...]

Standing on my Head

Fideism R Us

There is a funny sort of fideism around which is a popular form of a philosophical error. Fideism holds that faith is superior to reason and special knowledge can be had by faith alone which is superior and maybe even contradictory to that knowledge arrived at by reason.  [Read More...]

Faith on the Couch

Taking Relationships from Stressed to Supportive

Relationships are meant to be sources of support and love, yet sometimes in the craziness of life, some relationships end up causing more stress or become “one more thing we have to attend to.” This feeling may be a sign that it’s time examine and possibly readjust the way we approach these relationships. Theology of [Read More...]

Steel Magnificat


I couldn’t sleep. My daughter was next to me– she tends to have insomnia, and has anxiety when she sleeps alone, so I’d bundled her into bed with me again. I read The Hobbit to her, and said her prayers; now she was finally sleeping peacefully, but I was not. It was chilly, in the bedroom, [Read More...]

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BEN-HUR 2016 Trailer | Paramount Pictures
BEN-HUR 2016 Trailer | Paramount Pictures
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