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Steel Magnificat

Food is a Miracle: A Corpus Christi Meditation

Those who don’t understand why Christ came in the form of food, have never been poor. My little town here in the Ohio Valley has a unique, insular culture. I don’t think there’s another place like it in the world. In this town there are two major factions: the poor, who are born locally and [Read More...]

Christopher Closeup

‘There Has Been No Finer Act of Unselfish Heroism in Military History’

What kind of man intentionally crashes his airplane behind enemy lines during wartime to save a friend? That’s the question that New York Times best-selling author Adam Makos set out to answer in his book “Devotion,” about the bond between two Navy pilots during the Korean War: Tom Hudner, a white New Englander from the [Read More...]

Morning Rose Prayer Gardens

Prayers and Pies for Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a time to honor our deceased veterans and spend time with family and friends. Margaret Rose Realy, Obl OSB, offers a few sweet pies for those weekend gatherings.

Labyrinthine Mind

Tiempo de ordenaciones sacerdotales: 548 seran ordenados en EEUU

Algunos tienen la impresión de que Jesús fue un predicador al margen de la sociedad que sólo contaba con unos cuantos discípulos. Piensan que pocos escucharon su mensaje hasta que fue demasiado tarde, hasta que lo habían clavado en la cruz. Sin embargo, el evangelio relata que Jesús envió a setenta y dos hombres en [Read More...]

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