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Cry Woof

Danny Deever, by Rudyard Kipling

Kipling’s poem “Danny Deever” is about a soldier who is going to be hanged for shooting a fellow soldier while he slept. “What are the bugles blowin’ for?” said Files-on-Parade. “To turn you out, to turn you out”, the Colour-Sergeant said. “What makes you look so white, so white?” said Files-on-Parade. “I’m dreadin’ what I’ve got [Read More...]

Love Among the Ruins

Not Your Average Love Songs: “Heaven’s Knife” & “Like the Dawn”

Preparing for a concert in my usual fashion, I’ve been immersing myself in Josh Garrels’ new album, “Home.” The concert, as expected, was amazing, but it is one of the songs that he didn’t play that has captured my imagination. It’s the song “Heavens Knife,” and it’s about Adam and Eve. For a long time [Read More...]

...and these Thy gifts

Boca Negra, or Black Mouth

This, besides black forest cake, is my oldest child’s favorite cake. I’ve only made it twice because she’s actually allergic to eggs, so as you might understand, when I do make it, she savors every mouthful. And for good reason — it’s rich, and yet light, and decadent. (My daughter wasn’t allergic to eggs the [Read More...]

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