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Editor's Choice

Steel Magnificat

Where Will The Poor Go?

I wonder where the poor will migrate to if the middle-class Catholics manage to get their own way.

The Cordial Catholic

A Famous Convert’s Challenge to Non-Catholic Christians

Following a tradition which has existed since the beginning of the Church, Catholics agree that Jesus is miraculously present in the elements of Communion.

Jappers and Janglers

Don’t Let Mike Pence Speak at Notre Dame

As a man who has quite literally left the Catholic Church, it’s hard to imagine showcasing a worse example for the faithful.

Time Off Purgatory with Steve the Missionary

A Love Letter to Millennial Catholics

Faith experienced as a sneaking suspicion. I’ve been through it and I’ve seen a many millennial Catholics going through the same thing.

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BEN-HUR 2016 Trailer | Paramount Pictures
BEN-HUR 2016 Trailer | Paramount Pictures
Steve the Missionary