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Denise Bossert

Leaving on a Jet Plane? Where would you go? And why?

Christopher West has been around as long as I can remember. I first encountered his writing when I was in RCIA class in 2004-2005. Our instructor rounded out the material on sex & marriage by supplementing the Catechism with one of West’s books. I didn’t know I would become a Catholic writer all those years [Read More...]

Diary of a Wimpy Catholic

Amends: A Novel, Reviewed

Eve Tushnet’s debut novel, Amends, is a novel of ideas – the ideas she’s been working out in bits and pieces through her essays. It’s an ambitious and risky project but Eve mostly pulls it off. At last raising the bushel from her gift for shtick, she carries off a story that’s almost always engrossing, [Read More...]

God in the Machine

Marilyn Monroe Writes From The Depths of Depression

Marilyn Monroe was an intelligent, badly damaged, emotionally abused woman. I never found her screen image particularly appealing, but she was clearly a star like few others, and she really could act when she put her mind to it. But she was broken, and everyone around her knew it, and most of them just kept [Read More...]

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