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Standing on my Head

Ten Lessons from Padre Pio for Lent

With Padre Pio’s relics visiting Rome for the Year of Mercy we’re reminded of his amazing biography and how infused his whole life was with the miraculous. This website chronicles some of the astounding miracles attributed to him. The one thing which is most devastating for the Catholic faith is modernism. Modernism is like a watery [Read More...]

Sick Pilgrim

Dark Devotional: Ash Wednesday 2016: Bring on the Night

Click for the complete Mass readings for Ash Wednesday 2016.  Psalm 51: 12 Give me back the joy of your salvation, and a willing spirit sustain in me. Last Ash Wednesday, my brother sent a text asking what my spiritual goals were. I wrote back, “stay alive.” I was lying in my best friend’s bed [Read More...]

Labyrinthine Mind

Syrian Christians Taking up the Cross

Several months ago, I preached about the ongoing suffering of Christians in the Middle East to a packed cathedral in Savannah.  When Mass ended, an elderly man dressed in a roman collar approached me and began thanking me for the homily. I had not noticed him during Mass. He stretched out his hands, grabbed my forearms [Read More...]

Biblical Evidence for Catholicism

Biblical Evidence for Lent

By the Rivers of Babylon (c. 1920), by Gebhard Fugel (1863-1939) [public domain / Wikimedia Commons] (2-15-12) *** Someone asked me on my Facebook page: “How come we celebrate Lent…and the word is not in Scripture?” “Lent” simply comes from Old English for “spring” (I learned that just now). “Trinity” (the word) is not in Scripture, either. Christian church buildings [Read More...]

Sticking the Corners

Lent in the School for Evangelization

We Catholics like our programs.  Love our programs.  So here’s this program we have starting this month, and the whole Church is enrolled.  It’s called “Lent” and it features prayer, fasting, and almsgiving.  That’s the theory, anyhow. During Lent your parish is likely to take on some kind of other program as a sort of [Read More...]

The Cordial Catholic

Giving Up Complaint, Taking Up Mercy

I’m generally a shameful, petty person. I know, I know,  it’s shocking. How can someone who adopts the moniker The Cordial Catholic be, in reality, a little bit of a prick. But it’s true. And, really, Bad Catholic was already taken so what was I to do? But, honestly, I am not that great and so for several [Read More...]

Lisa Duffy: A Million Unheard Souls

An Insane Priest Told Me To Pray This Ridiculous Prayer And It Worked

It was 1995, I was an emotional wreck because of my divorce, and I was about to tell a priest I really liked that he was completely out of his mind. It had been three years since my divorce and I just couldn’t seem to move past the intense pain. I had tried dating and new relationships [Read More...]

Cosmos The In Lost

Catholic Historian Takes Back “Secular” Enlightenment

The 18th century worldwide intellectual movement known as the Enlightenment spawned what’s called a Republic of Letters. It was a heated debate, all through snail mail, about all the hottest issues of the day. Some say it was a precursor to the internet, others disagree. The Enlightenment continues to be controversial today. For example, the [Read More...]

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