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The Rule and the Raven

Out of the many things we lack.

I have no memory of what it is like to be unaware of my own mortality. This – along with basically no recollection of high school – is one of the lack of experiences that divides me most sharply from my students. I don’t know what it is to be young and invincible. I never knew [Read More...]

Good Letters

Glorying in Flawless Skin and God’s Love

Driving in the car recently, my daughter pulled down the visor in front of her and opened the mirror. Her hair was in a side ponytail draped over her right shoulder. She wore a black and white plaid beret. “I really like this hat and hair thing I have going on today.” “Yes, very cute,” [Read More...]

Mackerel Snapper

What The New Pro-Life Movement Stands For

Over the past couple months, I’ve laid out some thoughts on the concept of a new pro-life movement (specifically here and here) that reexamines the methods we use to fight abortion as well as what it truly means to call oneself pro-life. There has been a great deal of response, both positive and negative, along [Read More...]

Sick Pilgrim

Blessed, Bewildered: A Former Altar Boy Remembers Benediction

Of all the mysterious rites of Catholicism, perhaps the most mysterious is the Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament, known to the laity as ‘Benediction’. As an altar boy for six years, I served at countless masses, funerals and weddings almost every week, but only a handful of Benedictions, and only one or two of them [Read More...]

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BEN-HUR 2016 Trailer | Paramount Pictures
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