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Standing on my Head

Is the Crucifix is a Symbol of Hate?

In today’s news a group concerned with hate crime on campus reports that one of the complaints they had was from someone who objected to a crucifix because it was “a symbol of oppression and hate of the LBGT+ community” This article reports how the University of Wisconsin/La Crosse have a “bias/hate” reporting system through [Read More...]

Good Letters

The Crazy Sex Lady at the Solitary Banquet

“The crazy sex ladies are coming to school today,” said my oldest. “We’re missing it.” “Good,” I said. I was driving the kids to the middle school an hour into their first period class. A glitch in the family routine over the past twenty-four hours prevented any of the three alarm clocks in the house [Read More...]

Catholic Authenticity

Donald Trump: Make Pro-Life Irrelevant Again

It’s many years ago now that I faced my first election as a Catholic. I was a young convert, and I was deeply convinced by the arguments that I had heard in favour of single issue voting. Abortion, after all, involved the deaths of millions of the most innocent people in society. How could any [Read More...]

Lisa Duffy: A Million Unheard Souls

Here’s A Great Way To Maximize What’s Left Of The Jubilee Year Of Mercy (Video)

With just 52 days left in our Extraordinary Jubilee Year of Mercy, I am offering you a unique experience on this blog, a special video series on "The 6 Keys To Healing After Divorce" to help you take advantage of the special graces offered during this time and end the year on a more peaceful note.

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BEN-HUR 2016 Trailer | Paramount Pictures
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