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Inebriate Me

What To Do About Kids And Porn And Smartphones?

We – collectively, our society – are embarking on a massive social experiment the consequences of which we can scarcely imagine.

Pia de Solenni

James Foley And Shifting Thoughts on Martyrdom

The witness these individuals give makes us realize how many people are being killed not simply because of their faith, but because of their consciences.

The Capstone

Welcome to The Capstone

For the moment, if you’re unfamiliar with either Catholicism or the actual life of a university, please suspend your disbelief. 


Elizabeth Duffy

Called by Name: A Fierce and Fearsome Theology of Woman


Eve Tushnet

God Is Working His Purpose Out

I realized that just because objects in the world are words spoken by God, that doesn’t mean we can see the whole story He’s telling.

Faith on the Couch

Setting the Captive Free!

New research Illustrates our power to overcome depression - but victims are not to be blamed.

Unequally Yoked

God’s Call to Restore Our Common Sense

I like the simplicity of the commands.  If you wish to return… start by returning! 


Public Catholic

If You Don’t Like Black People...

You’d better not plan on going to heaven, because there’s going to be a lot of them there!

Sacred Bodies of Water