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The Anchoress

Amid Storms and Wars, the Daily Outrage that is Francis

He is the most exhausting pope of my lifetime.

Christopher Closeup

“In People with Intellectual Disabilities, I Found a School of the Heart”

I learned that I had to learn God, not earn God.

Catholic to the Core

The priests of Dachau

2,579 priests were sent and 1,034 of them died.

Pursued by Truth

Can One Calculate Grace Missed?

God, working in the mistakes, too.

Summa This, Summa That

The Charm of a Little Boy, Being a Little Boy

A pair of fake glasses held in place with twine, and the world becomes full of possibilities.

Unequally Yoked

When Public Religion is Rare, It Gets Weird

I’m not really sure how to pull this off in everyday life.

Coming Down to Earth

Abortion: The Intellectual Battle Has Been Won

People will soon realize that the intellectual underpinnings of the abortion regime have washed away.

The Faithful Traveler

Remembering the Holocaust at Yad Vashem

Holy souls and saints of the Holocaust, pray for us.

Elizabeth Duffy

Jack Baumgartner and My New Favorite Folk Album

Train your ears, and you might hear voices of children in the background, or rain on the roof of his workshop.

Unbroken: Now Featured in the Patheos Movie Club"