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Grace Pending

When Life Overwhelms

It’s not something that I particularly wish to dwell upon. But it’s unavoidable. It’s pervasive. And it’s real. It touches each of us in some way. Sometimes measured in smaller or larger degrees of connectedness to others, sometimes reaching down and disemboweling the remains of our own lacerated core. This isn’t at all about the ordinary sadness that [Read More...]

Catholic to the Core

Parenting the Parent: Discerning Joy as Memory Fades

She laughs because, in her dementia, she's become very childlike. The little things bring her great joy, and I love that about her. My mom had an incredibly tough life and consequently was a very troubled woman. All of that is gone now and there's a gentleness and peacefulness about her that I've never seen before.

The Crescat

The Math of Weight Loss…

… I know I promised not to turn this into a diet blog, but it just so happened this week I’d been too busy to sit down and write anything else. So you get two diet posts in a row following last week’s theme. Things I’ve Learned - What the difference between being satisfied, full, [Read More...]

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