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Grace Pending

What Do We Value?

  Twenty-five years of accumulated household stuff has a way of overwhelming a modest home. Tons of read – and unread – books, Scrabble games with missing tiles (but somehow with a full complement of Qs, Xs, and Zs), Monopoly games with a shortage of cash rivaling an Athens ATM, and toys long-since abandoned for lipstick, prom dresses, [Read More...]

Kate O'Hare's Pax Culturati

Seahawk QB Russell Wilson Talks God, All the Media Hears Is ‘No Sex’

Although he’s only 26, Russell Wilson has already been offered and rejected $1M to play baseball (twice), been to two Super Bowls with the Seattle Seahawks, won the first one (in only his second year in the NFL), been married (to his high school sweetheart) and divorced — and given his life to Jesus at the [Read More...]

Seasons of Grace

Will Pope Francis Encounter Convicted Msgr. William Lynn in Philly Prison?

When Pope Francis visits the U.S. this Fall, will he meet the priest who’s in jail for failing to report incidents of clergy abuse? The Catholic Herald connected the dots on this story: They reported this morning that the prison which the Holy Father will visit during his U.S. visit, Philadelphia’s Curren-Fromhold Correctional Facility, is the same facility where [Read More...]

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