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Backstage Pass
by John Hanlon

“The Blue Jay” Sings: Dealing With Abortion in a Beautifully Human Way

by Sarah Johnson The Blue Jay, a romance written by one of its lead actors, Mark Duplass, tells the story of two high school sweethearts who meet again by chance 20 years after graduation.  The pair catch up over coffee at a local diner called The Blue Jay where Sarah Paulson shines as the other [Read More...]

by Chris Williams

Why don’t I care about this year’s Oscars?

The apathy I’m feeling toward Sunday’s Oscar ceremony is very strange. I’ve written before about my fondness for the Academy Awards. Where most people groan about the Oscars’ penchant for pretension and self-seriousness, I simply love that there’s one night a year where the entire country celebrates movies. Moviegoers tend to award mediocrity so often that [Read More...]

by Andrew Johnson

The Best TV of 2013

In a year of fantastic television, what was extra memorable?

Doc Hollywood
by Craig Detweiler

Silence: Scorsese’s Spiritual Masterpiece

Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, Goodfellas, The Departed, The Wolf of Wall Street, Silence. One of these is not like the others. How could the same director who repeatedly reveled in the high cost of unchecked male rage also deliver the meditative and masterful Silence? Feudal Japan seems so far removed from the Mean Streets of [Read More...]

Faith Goes Pop
by Lilit Marcus

Paula Abdul Is Going to Have a Bat Mitzvah in Israel

Did you know that Paula Abdul is Jewish? Paula is the former judge of American Idol and star of one of the greatest crash-and-burn reality shows ever (that would be Hey Paula), and now she’s in Israel touring the country as an official guest of the country’s board of tourism. Paula is visiting religious sites, [Read More...]

by Peter T. Chattaway

Watch: Four new clips from The Shack tap into the movie’s theological themes

Mack (Sam Worthington) speaks to God the Father, God the Son and the embodiment of divine Wisdom in these new scenes from the film.

The Rogue
by Jonathan Ryan

A TREMOR IN THE FORCE – Episode 5 of 5

It’s taken me to episode five of this blog series to finally figure out why I was so disappointed by the Star Wars prequels. Well, I have untied the knots! The hyperdrive has been repaired in the nick of time! I feel the Force flowing through me once again… So, I re-watched the prequels, from [Read More...]

Reel Faith
by DeWayne Hamby

Bobby Bowden Speaks on Priorities: ‘God, Family, Others’

Documentary on popular college football coach arrives on DVD February 22

Schaeffer's Ghost
by Various

The Top 20 Films of 2016

It was a highly rewarding year at the movies.The post The Top 20 Films of 2016 appeared first on Schaeffers Ghost.

Sister Rose at the Movies
by Sister Rose

“The Shack” Hollywood Drama with a Catholic Touch

This is the cover of St. Anthony Messenger for March 2017 and here is the link to my story The Shack: Hollywood Drama with a Catholic Touch    

Watching God
by Paul Asay

Oscar Darling Hidden Figures Shows Us How to Stand up to Injustice Gracefully

If you go to the movies, you know what’s needed to take on an evil overlord: A flame thrower. Well, not always a flame-thrower. Sometimes it’s a light saber or a machete or a magic wand. The weapons don’t matter…