“The Slow March of Light” Highlights The Human Spirit’s Strength

“The Slow March of Light” Highlights The Human Spirit’s Strength June 17, 2022

The summer of 1961 was undoubtedly one to remember. Between 1949 and 1961, 2.5 million East Germans fled East Germany to settle in West Germany, including an increasing number of professionals, intellectuals, and skilled workers. Their departure almost destroyed the economic sustainability of the East German state. As a response, East Germany built a wall to close East German’s access to West Berlin and West Germany. That barrier, known as the Berlin Wall, was first erected in the night hours of August 12-13, 1961. The wall’s construction resulted from a decree passed on the 12th by the East German Volkskammer or “Peoples’ Chamber.”

The original wall, built of barbed wire and cinder blocks, was replaced by a series of concrete walls that were topped with barbed wire and guarded with watchtowers, gun emplacements, and mines.

This Berlin Wall left many families separated; In The Slow March of Light, we learn about Luisa Voigt, who lives in West Berlin, but her grandma lives in East Berlin and is now trapped. Desperate to save her grandma and save others, Luisa decides to join a secret spy network, ultimately risking her life to assist East Germans with climbing over the Berlin Wall into West Germany.

Bob Inama is in school, planning to go to law school when the US Army drafts him. While attending a church social, Bob and Luisa’s worlds collide. Luckily, he’s fluent in German. As the two grow closer, they form a special connection. Unfortunately, Bob gets classified orders to leave for undercover work as soon as possible and doesn’t get to say goodbye to Luisa.

With a new identity, Bob’s particular assignment is to be a spy implanted in East Germany, finding possible targets for the US military. However, he’s surrounded by the secret police, Stasi informants, and Soviet and East German spies. The danger of being caught and sent to a vicious East German prison skulks on every corner. Tragically, Bob is captured and sent to a ruthless East German prison. As he’s interrogated and tortured daily, Bob tries to hold to any hope he can find. From the sunlight marches across the prison walls to the guard who treats him with kindness to thoughts of seeing Luisa again, Bob does all he can to stay alive.

When we see the ones we love struggling, we’ll do anything to help them. Luisa is willing to risk her life for her grandmother and her fellow countrymen. On the other hand, Bob Inama is stuck between helping his country and helping his newfound friend. This novel reveals how far two people are willing to go for what’s right. This novel is perfect for the history lovers in your life or those who enjoy stories about revolution and fighting for your fellow man.

Top-selling author Heather B. Moore alternates between Bob and Luisa’s stories, capturing the human drama exclusive to Cold War Germany and the courage and strength of the human spirit. Based on a true story, this novel will keep you wanting more. This novel is available for purchase at Books A Million, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

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